17-year old in custody after high speed chase in Pasco County

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – After serving 20 years in the Air Force, Emanuel Coley thought he was back in combat on Wednesday morning. All he heard was a loud boom while he was in bed.

“It shook me… it shook me out of the bed where I was like, woo,” said Coley. “I literally jumped. it was like I was back overseas… over there. It was scary.”

Emanuel Coley was awakened when the stolen pickup truck slammed into his garage.

The noise Coley heard was a stolen pickup truck slamming into his garage door.

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the townhome complex on Cypress Creek Road in Lutz, trying to track down a stolen pickup truck.

When they arrived, they spotted the truck and told the driver to get out. He didn’t. Instead, he backed up, hit a police cruiser, and then sped forward hitting a tree and a fence before proceeding southbound on Cypress Creek Road.

Deputies were on his tail with the chase reaching speeds of over 100 miles per hour before the truck plunged into a pond at the intersection of County Line Road and Mansfield Boulevard.

Deputies again ordered the driver out of the truck. This time he complied and swam to shore. The driver was 17-years old.

William Bradigan was also awakened by the commotion.

“We were sleeping, the neighbors came and rang the doorbell after our son woke up,” said Bradigan. “He said the police were outside and had their guns drawn at a car…

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