8 cars stolen from Buffalo car dealership

16 high-definition cameras caught the theft early Friday morning. The 8 cars cost about $100,000.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The owners of Right Direction Auto on Bailey Avenue had just replaced their garage door earlier in the week. 

Two days later, a Subaru crashed into it and then eight of the dealership’s cars were stolen early Friday morning. 

“It’s just really sad to see that people have to bring it to this level to make a living or have fun. We don’t really know what the motive was behind it but it’s just really sad,” co-owner Joseph Adornetto. 

Sixteen high-definition cameras caught the entire thing. 

Moments after the garage door was hit, four cars pull up outside and a bunch of people run out.

That broken garage door allowed the thieves to get inside.

RDA’s owners say they look like they’re only teens. 

They then grabbed a bunch of keys and drove away in eight cars all in just about five minutes. 


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