91-year-old man fulfills dream of driving through a garage door

We all have a dream we imagine accomplishing someday. Maybe it’s seeing the Grand Canyon. Or, travelling around the world. Walter Thomas, 91, of Illinois had a much simpler dream. He just wanted to back through a garage door. And now he’s made that dream come true.

Speaking from his home in Woodstock, Thomas tells As It Happens co-host Carol Off, “When I get in the car in the garage and get it started…it just seems like I’d love to put it in reverse and go right through the door.”

Thomas adds that “for years, I think until I was in my late 60s, we used to go to the county fair with demolition derbies. I drove demolition derby. So, I guess it kind of stems off from that…backing into things.”

Here’s how he made it happen: Thomas’ granddaughter has a friend who was remodeling a house and planned to demolish the garage. That friend agreed to allow Thomas to drive through the garage’s door. Then, a local tow service stepped in and agreed to allow Thomas to use a car that was driveable but on the way to the scrap yard.

So, Thomas got into that car with one of his grandsons, both wearing helmets, and the rest is history. Here is how he describes the moment: “Well, my other grandson kind of gave a countdown 1-2-3, and I just hit the gas and bang! We went through the door and stopped, and it was all over. It was a thrill.”

Thomas advises people to follow their dreams, within reason: “You know, people jump off of bridges with bungee chords…and jump out…

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