Artists paint 25 murals to demonstrate their ‘Neighbourhood Love’ in support of Etobicoke resident whose garage garnered hate mail

Residents of south Etobicoke’s Queensway area are showing their “Neighbourhood Love” to a local family who received racially charged hate mail after commissioning a colourful garage door mural.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, 20 artists took part in what they called a “street-level demonstration of love” by painting 25 murals on garage doors, utility boxes, front doors, garden walls and mailboxes of homes near The Queensway and Royal York Road.

This act of “artivism” was led by professional Toronto artists Julii McMillan, Bareket Kezwer, Julia Prajza and Natalie V. Bochenska. Bochenska designed and painted the garage door mural in question, which features a night sky with stars, a moon and rolling hills.

In mid-September, the local artists heard about the situation and decided to volunteerto “visibly express the (area’s) positive, diverse and inclusive spirit.” They called their campaign Neighbourhood Love.

Aside from painting free murals, organizers also designed and distributed 75 “Neighbourhood Love” lawn signs, as well as scores of posters that people put up in the windows of their home to show their love and support to this local family and denounce hate and racism in their community.

Local homeowner Tina Goyal heard about the hateful incidents and signed up to receive a mural on her garage door.

“We walked past that garage door many times before all this ever happened … We like the mural,” she said, adding the piece brings a little…

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