Best Garage Door Openers 2021

As more people shift to internet-connected security cameras and automated door locks to smarten up their home, a surprising amount leave the widest door to their house—the one to the garage—vulnerable. Many new garage door openers have gotten smarter along with other Internet of Things devices, with impressive security and convenience benefits baked in. They let you do things like control your garage door and check whether it’s open or closed from anywhere in the world, monitor activity, share guest access, and sync it with your preferred smart assistant.

Even if you’ve purchased a garage door opener within the past five years, you still may want to take a look at some of these machines. Each year brings vast improvements to both feature sets and construction. Before deciding on a specific setup, you’ll want to look into the different types of systems available to ensure the best balance of convenience, affordability, and ease of installation for your garage.

Check out quick info below of the top five garage door openers, then scroll deeper for more helpful buying advice and full reviews of these and other high-ranking options.


Genie StealthDrive Connect 7155-TKV

Consumer Score: 86% gave it 4 stars or more 

A powerful belt-driven opener that won’t wake the baby. 

Smart Lighting

Chamberlain B1381…

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