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    Affordable Garage Door Repair Services In Ottawa

    24 Hour Garage Door Repair Orleans

    24-Hour garage door repairs are a thing.

    After all, so many things can happen in the span of twenty-four hours, and overhead doors are not an exception.

    In this pandemic, despite not always being in use, these doors are prone to dysfunction.

    It may be an accumulated number of issues that you did not pay attention to, or the inactivity caused the mechanics of these garage doors to go haywire.

    Garage doors can weigh one-hundred pounds to four hundred.

    That will make you doubletake on doing the fixing yourself.

    Our garage door repair shop in Orleans is open twenty-four/seven to help you not fear the doors.

    Common Problems with Garage Doors

    Misaligned Photo Eye

    The photo-eye is comprised of two black boxes that secure the door.

    It is a safety feature that detects if there’s anything below the door.

    The photo-eyes are a great feature invention in 1938 that remains to this day.

    It is, however, delicate and prone to being misaligned from time to time.

    When there is something wrong with the photo-eye, you will detect it when you close the garage door, and the lens blocks the beam of light.

    You can easily clean this, but make sure that the cloth you use will not destroy the lens.

    If cleaning the photo-eye is not enough, it is time to call for help.

    That is because the misaligned photo-eye may be caused by haywire.

    The photo-eye may be mistakenly detecting an object below.

    We use a laser level to measure the height of each photo-eye. We correct the angles and replace the photo-eye if need be.

    Transmitter Issues

    Many things can go wrong with transmitters.

    One, the batteries are dead or dying, and two, the antenna is lopsided, and something is blocking it from transmitting a signal.

    Garage door remote control tends to be universal.

    If your neighbors are also controlling their doors, it may cause your transmitter to go haywire and open.

    For antennas, the screws that keep it in place may have loosened.

    That will affect the signal and cause the door not to open.

    If there’s something physically blocking the antenna, then the transmitter won’t work at all when you press the remote control.

    Then there’s the issue of the battery dying.

    All of these issues all call for the help of a repairman.

    When the transmitter’s batteries are dying, you can call us to replace the transmitter doors and batteries.

    That will help your transmitter in shape.

    Regular maintenance and easy tune-ups can help correct transmitter issues.

    You can call a 24-hour garage for guidance if you find yourself stuck in a bind.

    Broken Springs

    Broken springs are another problem that can’t be DIYed.

    The reason? It mostly needs replacement, and if you’re not well-versed with broken springs, it shouldn’t be a first DIY project.

    It’s the springs that keep the door in place and allow it to open and close.

    If the springs break, there are no remedies to put it back together.

    It can be harmful if you remove it yourself, especially if you hear loud bangs when the door operates.

    When the door suddenly stops opening or is stuck, call for help immediately.

    That means that the springs broke and impeding the cables from opening the door.

    We recommend that you replace overhead door springs from time to time as maintenance.

    That way, you do not exhaust the springs to the point of it breaking.

    Broken springs also come with frayed or overworked cables.

    Check if the wires are still in place and, if not, leave it to professionals to put it back in place.

    Also, pay attention to the axles and see if it hold the cables well and that the broken springs have not caused any issues.

    24-hour garage door repair gives homeowners relief, especially when it comes to these types of problems.

    These three problems are only a few of the many things that can go wrong with overhead doors.

    We advise regular maintenance, and if you don’t have the time or proper background, our 23-hour service in Orleans is a call away.

    If you notice any issues, even at night, we will come and do the fixing.

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