Useful tips for avoiding a garage door repair scam in Ontario

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    Useful tips for avoiding a garage door repair scam in Ontario

    Let’s talk about garage door repair scam in Ontario – When your garage door malfunctions, it is essential that you repair it as soon as possible to keep your home secure.

    We all expect to find the best garage door company that will fix the damages on the same day, which is pretty fantastic.

    However, we do not want a company that will charge us overprice for non-essential parts and service.

    Many trustworthy companies in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Ontario, will help you with your garage door repair issues.

    Be mindful that every company in the garage door improvement is unique, and you do not want to end up with someone that will scam you.

    It can be very dreadful, especially when a homeowner is in emergency scenarios and badly needs professional assistance.

    So that things will be simpler for you, here are necessary keys that you must note to spot a scam and get rid of them immediately.

    Garage Door Repair Scams

    Most frequently, scammers like to take advantage of homeowners that need emergency repairs.

    They will usually do useless service or repairs with unnecessary parts and will charge you with costly hidden charges for what they performed.

    When you do not have sufficient knowledge of how fixing a garage door works, you will end up crying over the money you spent on nothing.

    Sometimes, they will even do more damage on your garage doors so that you can call them again, and they can charge you more.

    What Are The Common Garage Door Issues?

    • Broken spring. You can visibly determine this when you check on the spring that you can find on the door opening wall. The perfect time to replace a spring is when it is broken, and you will see a gap in between the coils. If your garage door has two springs, replace the two all at once.
    • The garage door does not close completely. The garage door will not close entirely when the photo-eye gets damaged, misaligned and broken. Each time you try to close it, there is an opener light that usually blinks continuously after. It is easy to fix a misaligned photo-eye by readjusting the light or cleaning them.
    • Noisy door. Using lubes to a noisy garage door’s rollers, hinges, and rings can fix it quickly. But, if it still sounds weird and noisy, call a professional for help and assistance.
    • Remote is not working correctly. Replacing the batteries of a garage door remote can be a quick fix. If the remote is still not working, a garage door company can help you with your issue.
      Take note, when a garage door company requires you to buy additional parts, always ask why. It may also help if you get quotes from two different companies to avoid hidden charges and scams.

    How to Determine a Scam Garage Door Repair?

    • One thing that scammers use is different names, unclear company names, or generic ones. A trustworthy business continually appears on the internet and with advertisements.
    • Frequently, they do not legit have a physical store. Use maps from the internet to show you the address that they have on their website. If it appears on the web, then it is a reliable company.
    • They like to advertise their service at low prices, but note they like to add hidden fees when at work. If you encounter a company that offers low charges, get the quote, and compare it with other companies to determine if they are a scam.

    Things to Remember When Getting a Garage Door Repair

    Calling the company is the first thing you can do when getting the service of a garage door company.

    Also, it is one of the most reliable ways to determine if you will be scammed.

    Try to listen to how they talk about their company and whether it matches what they advertised on their website.

    If they stutter and cannot explain firmly, change a company immediately.

    Try to ask about their address and if it matches what is written on their website.

    Avoid being scam and charge with hidden charges.

    It is best to look for a trustworthy company like your relatives and friends recommend.

    Never go for something cheap but will, later on, charge you expensive additional parts or worse, will do more damage to your garage doors.

    We hope these tips will help you avoid garage door repair scam in Ontario.

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