Broken Extension Spring Repair Ottawa

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    Broken Extension Spring Repair Ottawa

    Broken Extension Spring Repair Service in Ottawa

    There are mainly two types of garage door springs that work together to lift and lower your garage door. One of them are the extension springs. These are the long, skinny springs that are placed parallel to the garage door’s horizontal tracks. These springs extend and contract to help move your overhead doors.

    Now, when you combine the wear and tear that these springs go through on a daily basis with the rather extreme temperatures in Ottawa, you can see why these extension springs need relatively frequent repair and replacement.

    Spotting a Damaged Extension Spring

    Before you call us to get your garage doors repaired, it would be wise to understand the types of damage your extension springs can suffer. Here are some of the most common types of damage that these springs have:

    • Distended and Irregular Coils

    When you open your overhead doors, you will be able to see the extension springs fully stretched. In this position, if you notice that the coils are not evenly spread, that some of the coils are distended or irregular, then it is time to have your extension springs replaced.

    • Broken Springs

    There are times when the extension springs can just snap completely. If this happens when you are around, then it can be a seriously dangerous situation. Those springs store a tremendous amount of energy, and when they snap, they can whiplash across the garage.

    • Rusted Springs

    Thanks to the weather in Ottawa, extension springs can get rusted over a period of time. And when this happens, it is best to have them replaced as the rust weakens them.

    Can I Replace the Extension Springs Myself?

    We would not recommend you fixing extension springs on your own. It is extremely dangerous. As we have already said, these springs are coiled and stored with huge amounts of energy. If that spring is faulty and it comes undone while you are trying to replace it, it can literally take a person’s head off. That is not an exaggeration.

    The other dangers of trying to replace extension springs are as bad. If these springs are not removed correctly, the entire garage door could come crashing down. Remember, it’s these little springs that hold most of the weight of that massively heavy door.

    Another problem that can occur is that the automatic door opener could get activated while you’re in the middle of replacing those springs. This is yet another very dangerous thing to happen.

    And of course, you could sustain minor injuries such as scrapes and cuts while handling rusted extension springs.

    Leave it to the Professionals!

    Anything kind of repair work related to your garage door springs should only be handled by professionals like us. There are special safety precautions that need to be taken before such repairs are attempted. And there are special tools that need to be used to fix these issues correctly. And furthermore, you need to know how to handle these springs the right way so that you don’t sustain any injuries.

    Our team of certified professionals are trained and have years of experience in handling extension spring repairs and replacements. And even with all that experience, we are still very careful when carrying out such repairs. We know the dangers involved in our work.

    We also know that your garage door may have sustained other damage and that the breaking or damage to extension springs is just a result of that deeper issue. Therefore, before we even being repair work, we check your entire garage door system to ensure that there are no other underlying issues that need to be dealt with.

    And because of this, we would strongly advise you that if you do not have the training and the experience in carrying  out garage door repairs, it would be best if you called in professionals like us to do the job.

    Call Us Now for Extension Spring Repairs in Ottawa

    We service the entire Ottawa area, so if you have repairs that need to be carried out on your garage door extension springs, call us now! When we carry out garage door extension spring repairs, we ensure that it is a job well done and that you will not have to worry about them for a long time to come.

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