Broken Garage Door: Fix or Replace?

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    If you’re reading this from places like Ontario, Ottawa, or maybe just in Canada, you know. It is a given fact that a garage door is an expensive investment. Several variants are even more demanding mainly because of the materials used. Another reason some doors cost too much is their design, as manufacturers tend to see it as one of the main selling points.

    That being said, a broken garage door may leave you many questions, and of course, options as well that you can tackle in many ways. In general, there are two paths to take: fix or replace.

    Below, we will discuss each option’s distinction and some examples and tips for choosing what is best for your current situation.

    Fixing Your Garage Door

    Fixing is an act of restoring one product or equipment into it’s excellent and working shape. While it is nothing to bring back a garage door to its prime, it is still a favorable path that many people take.

    One of the reasons Ottawa residents are more likely to choose to fix their garage doors is affordability. Fixing parts might take some time to accomplish, but they’re arguably cheaper to do when compared to replacing.

    Here are some common reasons for a garage door repair in Orleans;

    Stops Working

    Often, Ottawa residents experience a garage door that stops working, and somehow, they think that they need to replace the whole thing right away. You might have thought of the same thing, but with a proper diagnosis, you might have saved yourself with a ton of replacement money!

    It turns out that a garage door that stops working can be easily fixed, sometimes relating to a single component.

    Struggle Lifting

    Motors installed by Ottawa garage door repair specialists are responsible for lifting the whole door. They are prone to damage and even break down without any concrete reason, and when they do, the entire thing functions, but the door refuses to lift. In this case, the motors and springs that are associated with the faulty part should be fixed.

    The Panels are Damaged

    One of the most common issues being fixed by Kanata garage door service providers is damaged panels. They are genuinely notorious for causing damages to other parts of the mechanism as well. However, there’s no need to worry as spotting damage to this area is relatively easy. Either replacing or fixing single or multiple panels can be done by repairmen as well.

    Replacing Your Garage Door

    It is replacing means that you’re removing your current garage door and installing a newly built one. Even if it is considered an expensive commitment, its long-term effects are arguably much better than a dependable garage door.

    Here are some common reasons for a garage door replacement in Ontario;

    Suffered Severe Damage

    Severe damage is an inclusive term, but we will use a more straightforward example for simplicity’s sake. If multiple parts need fixing, it is much better to opt-in for a replacement as it is a more cost-effective approach.

    Old Age

    Because of the manufacturing process, garage doors can easily last up to 30 years or even more. Sometimes, garage doors may speed up the aging process, making it a lot more vulnerable to damage, attracting more fixing. If you have already noticed that it is starting to happen, arrange a garage door replacement as soon as possible.

    High Energy Consumer

    This only applies to old garage doors are modern ones that are manufactured are geared towards energy efficiency. If you think that you’re starting to pay more of your bills because of your old garage door, it is time to switch to something newer and experience the unique benefits of technology at the same time.

    Safety Issues

    It is essential to keep in mind that garage doors are still “doors,” meaning that they are a valid entryway for anyone, even those trying to sneak to your home to commit a crime. If your garage has an outdated security system, make sure that you make a move to look for a replacement right away as it could issue some risks.


    Choosing between a fix or a replacement is quite severe because garage doors are known to be valuable investments. If you’re not sure about what to get, maybe a professional insight would help. Don’t believe the contents of the article? Ask any true-blooded person from cities like Ottawa, Ontario, or any Canadian for that matter.

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