Broken Garage Door Springs – The Signs

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    Signs of Faulty or Broken Garage Door Springs

    Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs – Though garages may not seem to be the most essential part of the house, no one can deny that they have the ability to change up a living space.

    It adds storage space in your home for tools, bicycles, and off-season equipment.

    It can also double as a workspace for hobbies such as woodwork, leathercraft, or playing music.

    One of the more common uses for garages is it being an area to park your car while it is not being used.

    Suffice to say, garages have their importance.

    With this, a broken garage door can cause a lot of unwanted problems.

    It is essential to ensure that your garage door is able to keep the space and the items stored inside locked and secure.

    There are various possible reasons as to why your garage door could be broken, such as an unaligned track or it has broken transmitters.

    One crucial component of your garage door is its spring.

    The spring makes it easier to lift and open the door and allow it to be smoothly shut.

    If your springs are broken, your garage door will be harder, at times impossible, to lift.

    Garage door springs need replacing every so often, especially when they become worn or broken.

    For those wondering if your garage door springs need some repairing, read through this article.

    1. Garage door cables seem broken

    The first thing most homeowners with a broken garage door spring would notice is their door cables.

    These cables become disconnected and seem to face different directions.

    The cables are not broken.

    However, with a broken spring, they are not able to function accordingly.

    Cables become loose and are hanging down from the ceiling.

    2. Loud noises are coming from the garage

    There is a big chance that homeowners would have heard a loud noise coming from the garage.

    They rush in to catch the culprit only to see no one there.

    Chances are the sound was made from the garage door spring unwinding; thus, creating a crashing sound inside the door’s mechanism.

    3. The top of the garage door is bent

    This does not apply to all garage doors.

    However, some garage doors with a broken spring will bend at the top if you try to open them.

    The garage door mechanism has greater weight to carry when the door is being lifted due to the lack of aid from the broken spring.

    This causes the bent at the top of the door.

    4. The garage door falls fast when closing

    The garage door is very heavy.

    Without the help of the spring, opening the door open seems like an impossible task.

    When shutting the door, the lack of spring makes it difficult for the mechanism to let the door close gently.

    Thus, with a broken spring, the garage door will immediately hit the floor without pause.

    This can also be a safety hazard if your feet are not safely kept away from the door’s drop.

    5. The garage door exhibits jerky movements

    Some garage doors make use of a two-spring system.

    Hence, sometimes only one spring is broken in a garage door.

    In cases like this, garage doors exhibit jerky movements when lifted.

    This means that the door’s mechanism is strong enough to lift the door with the one spring, but fails to do so smoothly.

    6. Garage door is crooked when moved

    Similar to the above scenario, having only one broken spring can cause the door to be crooked when it is moved.

    With only one side of the garage door having a fully functional spring, it becomes uneven.

    It would seem crooked as the door moves up and down the track.

    On average, garage door springs last seven to nine years.

    However, frequent use of the garage door can shorten their lifespan to five years to seven years instead.

    A broken spring can not only be a security issue but a safety issue as well.

    If your garage door springs are broken, make sure to contact your local garage door repair services.

    If you are from Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, or Ontario, garage door repair services are easily accessible for you.

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