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    Garage Door Springs Are Broken

    Broken Torsion Spring Repair Ottawa During Covid-19 Era

    The Covid-19 pandemic is causing a lot of homeowners to evaluate their garage doors.

    That might be you, and like others, you are making sure that your overhead door is working properly.

    One of the first parts of the garage door to give out are its springs.

    Depending on what type of door you have, the best way to tackle it is to replace the springs. You can do the extension springs at home.

    However, torsion springs are a different matter.

    Torsion springs are garage door springs that are wrapped around a metal shaft.

    It is arranged in a helical manner and spirals when it stretches.

    The torsion springs enable the door to open and close.

    This type of spring rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Types of Torsion Springs

    There are four types of torsion springs.

    The first one is the standard torsion spring.

    The standard torsion spring operates with one spring.

    Early-set torsion springs are springs that are attached in the middle of the metal shaft.

    Steel rolling torsion shifts are contained within the torsion barrel.

    The last one is the torque master torsion spring, which is contained in a metal shaft.

    Torsion Spring Repair

    Note: Fixing a Torsion Spring needs guidance from a technician.

    In Ottawa, we can assist you, or best, do it for you.

    If not, here are the tools you’ll need for the replacement.

    2 winding bars

    Vise grips

    A couple of wrenches: 9/16, 1/2 and 7/16 inches, 3/8-inch square head, or an eight-point socket

    Winding bars are used to first, remove the tension from the springs at the start of the replacement process.

    Second, it equalizes the tension when you put the replacement torsion springs in the end.

    The vise grips’ function is to keep the torsion’s shaft from falling down as you remove the springs

    Step #1

    On the hole of the winding cone, place a winding bar.

    Release the grip of the spring a quarter force at a time.

    Step #2

    With the 9/16 or ½ inch wrench, remove the springs from the middle cone.

    Step #3

    Use the vice grips to keep the torsion shaft from displacing.

    Step #4

    With the keys, loosen the springs.

    Then, slide it to the end. Remove the cable and tilt the drum to the center of the torsion shaft.

    Do it on both sides of the door.

    Step #5

    Remove the spring.

    Step #6

    Slide the torsion’s shaft to the center of the garage door.

    Step #7

    Detach the drum and remove the spring.

    Step #8

    The torsion spring has two ends, the left side is painted black and the right one is painted red.

    Place the wire on top of the spring.

    You have to measure your door to estimate how many turns are needed to secure it.

    For example, a seven-foot garage door needs to be tightened with 30 quarter turns.

    Step #9

    With the winding bars, apply tension.

    Do ¾ turns to do so.

    Step #10

    Put back the cable and tighten the drum.

    How to check if you properly placed a torsion spring

    Inspect the replacement first.

    Then, lift the door. If you’re not faced with resistance or it doesn’t feel heavy, then the torsion spring is placed properly.

    However, if it still shows the same problem, then you might have done something wrong in between the steps.

    If the problem persists, call a technician to check the garage door for you.

    There are many steps to fixing a torsion spring.

    It requires calculated turns and proper tools to fix it.

    You will need guidance when you do it, even with a step by step how-to.

    If there’s anything wrong with torsion springs, the best way to fix it is by replacing it.

    Torsion springs tend to wear out or break and it is factored by the other garage door parts around it.

    That is why it is encouraged to leave it to a trained technician.

    Most of the time, it is not just the torsion spring that gives out, there might also be issues with cables, pulleys, and the overhead opener.

    For broken torsion spring repair, give us a call in our shop in Ottawa.

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