Common Garage Door Repairs

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    Avoid Damaging Your Garage Door

    Common Garage Door Repairs – It is a big help to have a garage door in its best condition.

    However, there may be some problems that you may encounter along the way.

    Here are a few troubleshooting and maintenance tips if you happen to stumble upon some issues regarding your garage door.

    Examine and do a quick check-up

    Examining and inspecting your garage door is a quick way to determine if something needs fixing.

    There may be proper maintenance provided, but due to ordinary wear and tear, your garage door may also experience some damages.

    Make sure you particularly examine the rollers and the tracks. It’s also important to keep these clean.

    If you can’t recall when was the last time you cleaned them, it may cause some problems and might prevent your garage door from functioning correctly.

    Tighten loose hardware

    If your garage door is malfunctioning or has stopped working, check if there is any loose hardware.

    Ensure that the tracks and bolts are correctly tightened, especially those holding the tracks.

    If the equipment on the tracks on overhead garage doors is loose, it may hinder your door’s operation.

    Check the cables and pulleys

    The garage door’s cables and pulleys should be kept in perfect condition.

    For spring-operated garage doors, the wear and tear of its cables and pulleys are more likely to happen.

    Torn and frayed cables and damaged pulleys should be replaced immediately.

    If you notice any problems concerning your cables and pulleys, contact a professional technician or a garage door repair company to do the replacements.

    Test the door opener and its autoreverse feature

    Garage door openers are designed to lift the doors and automatically when it detects an obstruction.

    If your garage door fails to detect an obstacle and does not automatically reverses, it’s high time you replace the door opener.

    Not doing so may pose a severe danger, since the autoreverse or lift of the door serves as a safety feature.

    Common Garage Door Repairs – Test the door balance

    A garage door should be able to hold its balance midway. It should also be easy for the garage door to open and close, as it only requires only a few pounds of pressure to move.

    If your garage door fails to do this, it may indicate that the springs had already worn out.

    Power garage door openers may quickly wear out the motor as it requires more work when lifting the door.

    As with broken garage door openers, it is best to leave the fixing of worn-out springs to professional technicians.

    Routine maintenance for noisy garage doors

    In case your garage door makes a weird noise when opening and closing, there’s no need to worry because you can do a quick fix-up.

    Typically, noisy garage doors can be fixed by conducting routine maintenance. It’s also crucial you take a look at some parts, as it may need some replacement.

    If routine maintenance fails to fix your noisy garage doors, it may need some major repairs and replacements. Ask a garage door expert to take a look.

    Methods for frozen garage doors

    Canada, especially Ontario, may experience harsh winters. The moisture of the winter season may cause some significant difficulties on your garage doors and cause the gears to freeze. Garage doors may freeze and get stuck on the floor. Ice may also build up between the doors and the floor, and hitting the opener button can damage it.

    Instead of pressing the opener button, try out some other methods. You can try using a heat gun or a hair blower for the ice to thaw.

    Replacement of garage doors

    If you meticulously took care of your garage door and provided it with the proper maintenance, you may likely have preserved its life beyond the expected.

    A well-kept garage door can last for up to 50 years, but if maintenance is not often, a garage door may stop working within just 10 to 15 years.

    Most of the time, however, replacing garage doors is for aesthetic reasons.

    You may want to revamp the facade of your home, and you may also need to replace your garage door to match the overall look.

    Whether it’s for the sake of functionality or just want to revamp the look of your home, it’s essential that you look for the right garage door.

    You can start by conducting research online and consulting reviews by customers.

    If you are located in Orléans, Kanata, Ontario, or any other place in Ottawa, there are many available garage door repair and installation companies in the area.

    You may also want to consider certain factors when choosing your next garage door; these include functionality, security features, insulation, and style.

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