How To Fix a Dented Garage Door

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    Dented garage door? Here is how to fix it – When you start noticing large dents on your garage doors, it means that you need to replace them.

    Suppose it affects the other panels, then it is ideal to start gathering information on how to replace them.

    But, if the dents are smaller, you may only opt for quick repairs.

    You can research methods that can assist you in fixing the small dent.

    While having a professional is the best thing to do when it comes to garage door adjustment, these tips will still help you on the way.

    There are various ways how a garage door can get dents.

    From bikes to baseballs, not fixing the issues will cause more problems in the long run.

    A damaged garage door does not look good and ruin the beautiful appeal of your house.

    People will assume that your home is the same as your garage door, full of dings, dents, and damages.

    Does It Have Significant Damages?

    While there are many reasons why your garage door has many dents, some also have severe damages.

    Small dents like bicycle bumps are less worried.

    But, when a car bumps back into your door, you can have a garage door with severe damages.

    This type of harm will require you to have intensive work done at the comfort of your home or will need a professional.

    What Is The Material Of The Garage Doors?

    It would help if you determined what material was used for your garage doors.

    There are wood, aluminum, stainless steel, and more.

    Sometimes, the damage can be repaired using tools, but there are also times that the damage in any material is severe and needs professionals’ expertise.

    In anyhow, determining the material will help you a lot.

    If there are small dents and can be repaired at home, here are two methods that you must try.

    Method 1

    You will need these materials to do this method:

    • Knife
    • Rubber Mallet
    • Sandpaper
    • Material for Patches
    • Wooden blocks
    • Primer
    • Paint

    Here are the steps:

    1. The first step to follow is to wash the area using a warm mixture of water and any detergent and air dry.
    2. Place the dent’s wooden block, and use the mallet to tap it slowly until the dent pops out.
    3. Using the sandpaper, try to make the surface even.
    4. Cover the area with patches and use the knife to even the surface area. Allow to air dry and use sandpaper to make it smooth.
    5. Apply primer, and after it is as dried, paint it with the color you want.

    Method 2

    You will need these materials to do this method:

    • Aluminum Foil
    • Source of heat
    • Compressed air

    Here are the steps:

    1. First, wash the area using a detergent and water, let dry.
    2. Put the foil on the area where there are dents.
    3. Heat the foil using any heat for only one minute.
    4. Remove the foil and spray the area using compressed air for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

    What If The Dents Are Very Stubborn?

    While these methods can work, some dents do not repair well with this.

    Sometimes, it might need to replace a new panel.

    However, you need to consider your panels’ supplier, and if you can look for the right material and color for your garage door.

    Repainting the panels is a good idea, but before doing, ensure that you will not cost more and on the right track.

    Never let the dents stress you and fix it right away.

    They can be small, but these small problems will become a significant issue when the time comes.

    It can affect the whole door, making it vulnerable to burglars and different kinds of weather.

    Call your nearest technician now and get a free quote from them or advice to help you while they book your appointment.

    For complicated, huge dents, professional help is the best.

    You can find the best technicians in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Ontario, when it comes to garage door repair.

    They will indeed get done with the work quickly and will make your garage door new.

    Remember, you want to make your garage doors appealing and safe for everybody.

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