Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Ottawa

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    Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Maintenance in Ottawa

    Overhead garage doors have become somewhat of a necessity may it be for residential use or commercial use.

    You just can’t deny how essential it has become over the years.

    If you want to keep your belongings safe and protected, there is just no way you would not invest in a garage door yourself.

    Garage doors are good and all, however, we tend to take them for granted.

    We neglect to provide it with the proper care that it deserves.

    And yet we complain when our garage doors break down on us.

    If you want to stop spending more on repairs and replacements, then you can start doing something about it now.

    And the best way of doing this is by doing regular maintenance on your garage door and its different components.

    Regular and proper maintenance can go a long way in making sure that your garage doors are kept functional all the time.

    It also extends the lifespan of your garage doors, allowing you to make use of them for a longer duration.

    However, aside from scheduling maintenance sessions from your local garage door repair company, what else can you do to maintain your garage doors?

    Well, if you are interested, here is some do-it-yourself garage door maintenance in Ottawa that might just do the trick.

    Maintaining your garage doors

    Garage door maintenance can require a lot of effort and patience.

    You need to be meticulous in making sure that you catch whatever may be going wrong with your garage door’s mechanical system and make sure to attend to it before it becomes worst.

    You need some skills, the proper knowledge, and the determination to do the task well and without a problem.

    However, worry not, maintaining your garage door is not a complex task nor is it dangerous to do.

    As long as you stick with the simple things and leave the replacing to the proper individuals, then you should do just fine.

    Without further ado, here is the list of things you can do to keep your garage doors maintained and in the best condition possible.

    Cleaning your garage doors

    Cleaning your garage doors on a regular basis can do a lot in keeping them operational.

    Over time, your garage door tends to accumulate dirt and grime that can affect the performance of your overhead garage door if left unattended.

    The best way to deal with this would be regularly cleaning your garage doors and their corresponding components.

    You may choose to use a soft fiber cloth or pressurized water to accomplish this task.

    Keeping your garage doors clean and shiny not only assures you that it functions as it should but it also improves the overall appearance of your garage door making it look good inside and out.

    Lubricating your garage doors

    After making sure that your garage door and its components are clean and shiny, you can now proceed to lubricate it.

    Applying lubrication on your garage doors will help them prolong their life expectancy and as well as keep their functions smooth and trouble-free.

    Lubrication reduces the stress and strains your garage door’s components usually experience and makes sure that the friction between components is kept to the minimum.

    There are different types of lubricating agents available in the market so make sure you do your research on which is the best option for your garage door.

    There is a need to know what type of lubrication is the best fit for your garage door so as to make sure that it causes good than harm when using it.

    Inspecting your garage door’s hardware

    Since your garage doors are being used every day, it is entirely possible that some of your overhead garage door’s components, such as screws, nuts, and bolts, will end up loosening up due to all the movement and vibration happening.

    Now when this happens, it can not only lead to many potential issues from surfacing but can even result in putting your safety at risk.

    When your door’s components are loose, they could end up getting in the way of your garage door from functioning well and this can be really problematic for any garage owner out there.

    In order to countermeasure this, check on your garage door’s respective components and hardware and make sure that none of it is going loose.

    If there is, make sure to secure it or tighten it before it becomes a hazard.

    If you find loose screws all the time, we recommend having it replaced with a new one instead of just retightening it.

    This is to prevent any future recurrence of the same problem on a regular basis.

    Inspecting your garage door for worn out parts

    Lastly, make sure to check all of your garage door’s components for any signs of wearing out or damage.

    Doing this will make sure that you can have the worn-out part replaced or fixed before it becomes an inconvenience to you.

    Worn-out garage door parts can only lead to more problems and safety concerns if you continue to leave them unattended.

    However, depending on the component, do not attempt to replace it on your own.

    It is best to contact your local garage door repair company for any components that need to be repaired and replaced so as to make sure that your safety is not compromised.


    Do-it-yourself garage door maintenance in Ottawa makes sure that your garage door is kept in topmost condition all the time.

    However, if your overhead garage doors are still having problems in spite of all the maintenance you are doing for it, then it may be time to contact a trained professional to assist you with the job.

    If you are in Ottawa and are looking for a garage door repair company near you for your repair and maintenance needs, you can’t get any better than Garage Door Repairs Pros.

    No matter the time of the day or week, we will always be available and ready to assist you with any of your garage door related concerns and problems.

    For any of your emergency garage door services and needs, we are here just for you.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us now for the best quality services you can find near your area!

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