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    Garage Door Cable Repair Ottawa

    Garage Door Cable Repair Ottawa

    Garage door cables have an important function.

    Car and homeowners don’t always have the knowledge in this tricky subject.

    If something goes wrong with a cable garage door, your door won’t open at all.

    That is because the cable transfers power, spring to door, for it to open.

    The cables come with a reliable motor and attached to pulleys, which wrap around it.

    Our garage door repair shop in Ottawa can easily do the maintenance and cable repair for you.

    If you would like to do it yourself, we can educate you on the subject matter.

    This blog post will explain to you the types of cables, some of the problems you might face, simple maintenance, and repair.

    The repair part, we will explain why it may be unwise to do it yourself.

    Types of Garage Door Cables

    Lifting Cable

    The lifting cables are what largely enables the overhead door to open.

    Not the door opener itself.

    The lifting cable is on both sides of the door.

    The cable is attached to springs that carry the door.

    The two types of lifting cables are the extension spring and torsion spring.

    The extension spring lifts the door when it extends and goes back to its original form when it lowers.

    This type of spring has a pulley on each end that runs the lifting cable.

    Torsion springs coil.

    When it lifts the door, the spring expands and coils back when the door goes down.

    The problem with lifting cables is that it is often at work.

    The cables are often subject to snapping. It may be caused by being wind up.

    The cable is wrapped around a drum that is attached to the axle.

    In torsion springs, this will cause friction which will wind up the cable and cause its material to slowly weaken.

    Another problem with cables is that when it is misaligned, the cable holds so much stress that breaks it apart.

    If your door struggles to open or you find a dangling wire, then the lifting cable probably snapped in half.

    If this happens, contact a garage repair shop to have it looked into.

    One way to preserve a lifting cable’s life is to check on it per month.

    You can do this by yourself if you know about lifting cables.

    If you live in Ottawa, we can do this for you.

    Remove any materials that can cause friction. Get rid of small particles that can weaken the material.

    Safety Cables

    Safety cables are what enable the door to extend.

    It keeps the door in check when something goes wrong with your garage door and stops it from falling until the cables itself breaks.

    This type of cable allows the door to be opened manually when there’s a power interruption.

    Safety cables are best left with people who know it.

    There are many things that can go wrong with safety cables.

    First off is its configuration.

    When the cable is fraying, caught up, or misaligned, it will lose its attachment to the springs.

    If a metal, for example, the axle, keeps on rubbing with the cable, it will cause the cable to deteriorate.

    The simple maintenance of safety cables is inspection.

    Check if it is securely attached to the springs.

    If it’s modern tech or analog, there’s a chance for the cable to slip.

    There’s a chance that the auto-reverse feature of the garage door breaks the beam and cause the cables to be dismantled.

    Improperly adjusted springs are caused by unequal tension.

    It can cause the door to open unevenly.

    The cable may have escaped from its spool.

    Another thing that can cause the cable to unravel are broken springs and clogging.

    If you don’t clean the cable from time to time, the clog will pressure the motor and cause tension for the cable.

    All in all, garage door cable repairs are best handled by repairmen.

    We do encourage regular inspection and educating you.

    However, cables are not easy to handle on your own.

    We do recommend that you inspect these cables from time to time.

    Our garage repair shop is located in Ottawa.

    If you encounter these problems with your garage door, give us a call.

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