TOP 3 Garage Door Failures and How to Fix Them

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    TOP 3 Garage Door Failures and How to Fix Them

    If there is something you learn from all things in this world, it’s that nothing is absolute.

    Even the most robust and most durable metals can also wear out and eventually crumble in the test of time.

    Technology has proven to us time and time again how it is not perfect.

    Everything is subject to eventual failure, even us humans.

    Therefore, when it comes to your garage door, we could say the same thing.

    It does the job of securing your garage automatically to provide you with convenience and efficiency.

    With the advancements of technology, garage doors have made it easier for us to get in and out of the garage whenever we please.

    Failures in this area and garage door repairs are pretty standard.

    You have technicians and professionals specializing in the mending and installation of garage door openers.

    Your garage door is subject to failures, whether it be old or new.

    To give you a head start, here are the top three garage door problems and how you could fix them:

    1. Failure of the garage door opener

    The openers are your door’s brain when it comes to its automatic operation of opening and closing.

    It has multiple components that are sensitive and can also break down after some time.

    Problems typically occur with this, frequently when the lenses, springs, or cables malfunction.

    Depending on the issue, different measures are taken.

    How to fix it:

    If it is acting up, what you can generally do is apply a lubricant to reduce its friction.

    You can go for a silicone-based product or a pure spray lube and use it on full length to the opener.

    If it is causing problems for the opening and closing, check if something is obstructing the photo eye’s lenses and wipe them off.

    They can also get misaligned.

    When that happens, call your garage door repair company for help.

    You can also try aligning it on your own by measuring the center of the eye from the ground up.

    2. Remote doesn’t work

    There are times when your opener refuses to respond to its wireless remote control.

    When this incident occurs, it might be because of the distance between you and the opener itself.

    The remote is dependent on the antenna which, in turn, receives its command and transmits it to the opener.

    One of the reasons why the remote won’t work is because of the distance or something is obstructing the antenna.

    How to fix it:

    Ensure that the antenna located at the motor unit is facing downward and is free of damages.

    If there is damage, you better call for a technician to repair or replace it.

    Try to go to the switch on the wall to see if it works with the opener.

    If it does, it is possible that the battery on your remote control simply needs replacement.

    If it is still not the case, you can reset your remote.

    Remote controls may need to be reprogrammed due to its electronic makeup.

    You can read the manual to see how it works and how to reset it.

    Failure of garage door during the cold season

    The winter season can be a real pain not just in temperature but also in your garage door’s functioning.

    It may not open immediately when asked to during cold weather.

    It might get stuck to the floor due to the moisture seeping in, due to the rollers getting stiff.

    How to fix it:

    You can try to repair it on your own by locating the screw on the opener’s motor unit and adjust its sensitivity.

    Make a habit of lubricating the door’s rollers to prevent the problem during the dreary season.

    Improving the sensitivity might be complicated as it requires different methods for different issues.

    For that, you are going to have to read the product manual first or simply consult a professional.

    That always helps.

    When problems occur with your garage door, its manual can be handy.

    If you are from Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, or Ontario, a garage door repair service is readily available to you.

    Get in touch with them if you want to leave the fixing to the professionals.

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