Garage Door Opener Chain Broke

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    Garage Door Opener Chain Broke

    With today’s wide selection of garage door openers, a chain drive opener is the most popular drive among homeowners.

    Despite the device producing a loud clicking sound, the chain drive is highly durable and practically cheap.

    Therefore, the chain opener lives up to its purpose without breaking your savings.

    However, owing to everyday use of the garage door, the opener along with its components will deteriorate eventually.

    Our hardware will reach its limit somehow.

    But preserving its components is our job to keep it working seamlessly.

    Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa offers extensive services to keep your hardware in good condition.

    When your garage door opener chain broke, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our team is up 24/7 to respond to any type of repairs anywhere in Ottawa!

    How Does A Chain Drive Opener Works?

    Durability and functionality–a chain drive opener provides the required necessities we look for in an opener.

    The chain drive is composed of a strip of metal chain, trolley, and a motor.

    When prompted, the one responsible for pulling and pushing the chain is the trolley.

    It may sound like an older opener version of its belt drive counterpart, but the chain drive has a remarkable lifting capacity.

    Moreover, if you want to enjoy its seamless condition, always make preventive maintenance a habit.

    By doing so, a chain opener may even outlast its counterpart’s lifespan.

    If you’re not convinced with its practical features, a belt drive is a remarkable option for an opener as well.

    Furthermore, when you’re considering installing a chain drive, make sure you don’t sleep next to the garage.

    How to Inspect the Chain Drive

    Everyday use, friction, and other accumulated damaging elements will wear out the chain drive as well.

    However, when you ignore to provide it with grease and other upkeep needs, it will snap eventually.

    After repairing or replacing your broken chain drive, set your calendar for the next maintenance check.

    Usually, when your chain is loose or it has shifted from its position, the sprocket or gear is the main issue.

    For now, here’s what we can do to get your hardware back to its working condition.

    1. Visual inspection.

    Before we proceed to the repairing process, let’s visually inspect and assess the extent of the damage. By doing so, do the following steps:

    • Prompt the door panel to open and close. If you notice the following problems during the test such as the panel is stalling or sticking, chances are the carriage assembly, motor, or chain is the issue.
    • Disconnect the opener from its power source. This will help us pinpoint the root cause and avoid accidents while working on the opener
    • Check for the presence of rust and corrosion
    • Make sure the bolts and nuts are intact and in place

    2. Lubricate the moving component

    If the chain opener is covered with rust, lubricate the component to remove the accumulated corrosion.

    Moreover, if the component is heavily covered with rust, remove the chain and soak it with lubricant.

    Once the corrosion has settled, remove the chain and wipe the excess lubricant with a towel.

    3. Check the Carriage Assembly

    Don’t reattach the chain just yet.

    Check the carriage assembly for rust.

    Then, clean and lubricate.

    If you skip this part, the rust may transfer to the chain prompting you to remove and repeat the process.

    Once you’re done, reattach the chain and adjust the carriage assembly accordingly.

    4. Turn the opener back on

    Once you’re done, reconnect the opener.

    Then, do a performance test by opening and closing the door panel.

    To remove any knocking sound, loosen the screws enough to eliminate the nuisance.

    If the problem still exists, then it’s high time to call for technical support.

    However, if the sound has been eliminated, give yourself a tap on the back.


    By now, you have already understood the importance of regular upkeep.

    Lack of maintenance is the main factor our hardware will break down.

    Since we all consider the garage as the main entrance and exit of our property, keeping the hardware working is a must.

    That’s why we should not neglect the hardware’s needed regular upkeep in preserving its working condition.

    That’s because we’re not only preserving our hardware’s condition but including our entire household as well.

    Keep it functional and preserve its components by regularly maintaining its condition.

    Always set an appointment for your garage door’s optimal health.

    Call for Technical Assistance Anywhere in Ottawa!

    When your hardware lacks preventive maintenance checks, malfunctions are expected to happen somehow.

    Given the materials of a chain drive, it does not break or snap easily.

    But, in the absence of routine maintenance, it may likely hurt your savings.

    To avoid any unexpected garage door malfunctions, call your nearby expert technician in Ottawa!

    We have a wide selection of hardware repairs and installations to get your overhead door panel back to its working condition.

    Book us and experience excellent services at an approachable price!

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