Garage Door Opener Chain Extremely Loose

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    Garage Door Opener Chain Extremely Loose

    Can you imagine yourself manually lifting and lowering a door panel? Perhaps, a single bay panel can be manipulated manually.

    But, for well-insulated hardware, it’s going to be impossible to lift the door panel without the opener.

    One of the most essential components of the garage door is its opener.

    The device allowed us to open and close our hardware without even breaking a sweat.

    However, just like any part of the overhead door, the opener is prone to damaging elements.

    Over time, these elements can get into the core components of the hardware.

    As a result of the accumulation of damaging elements, the device will exhibit faulty operations.

    Depending on the make and model, the average lifespan of an opener lasts for up to 10 to 15 years.

    And within that span of years, the opener may have malfunctioned somehow.

    Some faulty operations can be repaired with little adjustments.

    Other broken parts may require you to call for an expert’s help.

    Unless you have the skills and experience, don’t delay the repairs.

    When doing the repairs, always proceed with caution to prevent unnecessary injuries.

    Here’s what you can do to your garage door opener chain extremely loose.

    Should I Repair or Replace the Broken Opener Chain?

    Depending on the frequency of use, our hardware is bound to malfunction somehow.

    Friction and tension have contributed to the deterioration of the hardware.

    Over time, these damaging elements can get into the chain drive as well causing it to shift from its position.

    In case the opener’s chain is sagging, you might want to check out these DIY steps.

    The one responsible for pulling and pushing the chain is the trolley.

    So, when your drive opener’s chain becomes loose, adjustments should be made from the trolley.

    Here’s what you can do to fix it:

    Step #1

    Turn off the opener.

    Before we proceed to the process of repairing the device, safety precautions should always be deemed necessary.

    By disconnecting the opener from the power source, it will help avoid unnecessary accidents such as hitting the switch.

    Bear in mind that you will stand on a stepladder to fix the trolley.

    If someone will accidentally hit the switch while you’re working, you can be in serious trouble.

    Step #2

    Locate the adjustment bolt.

    There are two bolts on the opener, one is a locking nut while the other is an adjustment bolt.

    Make sure you’re holding on to the adjustment bolt with the use of your wrench.

    Then, gently tighten the adjustment bolt until the chain sits back to its position.

    Do not overdo the tightening as it may wear the other components such as the rollers.

    Step #3

    Locate the locking nut.

    Once you’re done tightening the adjustment bolt, locate the locking nut.

    While you’re tightening the adjustment bolt, loosen the locking nut until the chain is no longer sagging.

    Avoid over-tightening the chain.

    Give the chain a little room to move freely to avoid causing damage to the other moving parts.

    Step #4

    Turn on the opener.

    Connect the opener back to the power source.

    When you notice the chain is slightly sagging, don’t be alarmed as it’s just a normal sight.

    The chain will retain its tension when the door panel is in an open position.

    Step #5

    Test the opener’s chain.

    By doing so, prompt the door panel to open and close.

    Do this a couple of times to make sure the chain is back to its position successfully.

    Note: Watch this video on how to manually fix the garage door opener extremely loose.

    Bottom Line

    We all have a fair share of garage door mishaps.

    And in every malfunction, it’s an occurrence that we all don’t want to encounter again.

    Moreover, by learning how to keep our hardware in its optimal condition, malfunctions and unexpected breakdowns can be prevented.

    We can’t avoid our hardware from malfunctioning.

    But we can prevent from spending on expensive repairs by giving it its regular upkeep needs.

    The single key element in keeping the hardware and opener working is to give it a regular maintenance check.

    Aside from keeping it from breakdowns, regular upkeep helps prolong our device’s life span.

    Meaning, you will be able to save from costly repairs while keeping the hardware functional at a low maintenance cost.

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