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    Garage Door Parts

    Garage doors have become an essential part of our daily lives. They not only keep our belongings protected but as well keep our homes safe.

    As more and more people are using overhead garage doors, it is only right to learn more about them.

    There are many different types of garage doors being used out there — all have unique features tailored to the owner’s purpose, function, and personal preferences.

    Their different parts may also differ from one another depending on the type of door.

    If you own your garage doors, then you should at least be well-acquainted with the parts which are common to almost all garage doors.

    It is important that you do this because it allows you to address your garage door’s problems accordingly whenever it malfunctions and helps you decide on the right thing to do.

    It will also allow you to repair or fix the problem in the safest most possible way.

    Without the appropriate knowledge on the different parts that comprise your overhead garage door can, as a result, compromise your safety in more ways than you can imagine.

    To prevent this from happening, allow us to educate you on your different garage door parts, their basic functionalities, and how you can take good care of them.

    Without further ado, here are the different garage door parts that you should definitely know about.

    Garage Door Panel

    Your garage door panel is the component of your overhead garage door that you see first the most.

    It is what protects your garage from external and uncontrollable factors.

    Depending on the type of garage door you are going for, they can be made in sections or not.

    Garage doors with sections tend to be neater in comparison to those without as they fold along the sections when you lift your garage door open.

    Those without sections simply just have the garage door panels opened at a certain angle.

    Nevertheless, no matter which type you go for, both do a great job of keeping your homes safe and protected.

    To take good care of your garage door panels, make sure to clean them every once in a while to keep them in the best possible condition at all times.

    Garage Door Springs

    One of the most important components of your overhead garage door is your garage door springs.

    Garage door springs are what carries and supports the entire weight of your garage door.

    Without it, you would not have enough torque power to even lift open your garage doors.

    Of all the different parts of your garage door, they have the heaviest load and as such, they tend to wear out faster.

    Not to worry though since springs have a designated lifespan of about seven years.

    However, if you are interested in prolonging further your garage door spring’s lifespan, then there are some things you can do to make this happen and you can start by taking good care of it.

    First, you can perform regular maintenance on your springs by cleaning them and applying lubrication to them to make sure that rust doesn’t form on their surface.

    Even simple things like this can potentially extend your spring’s life expectancy significantly.

    Also, when choosing a garage door spring, make sure to choose one that is appropriate for your garage door.

    Consider your garage door’s weight and size when choosing the right spring for you.

    Doing this will make sure that your garage door’s spring and your garage door’s other components are not overburdened and stressed out.

    Garage Door Tracks, Rollers, and Hinges

    Next, we have your garage door’s tracks, rollers, and hinges. Although these three may appear insignificant, that is really not the case.

    They all have their individual roles and tasks to do.

    Your garage door tracks are what guide your garage door’s panels during the opening process.

    They make sure that your garage door opens and closes as smoothly as possible.

    Your garage door rollers are wheel-like components that move through your garage door tracks, moving along the path made for it with less resistance and more convenience.

    Lastly, hinges are what connect your garage panels together especially those who are using sectional garage door panels.

    Because of them, it is possible for the garage door panels to neatly fold themselves along the sections when lifting open your garage door.

    The best way to take good care of these three components is to clean them regularly.

    Also, make sure to apply lubrication to prevent rust formation on its surface and to allow for smoother interaction between components.

    Garage Door Openers

    And last but not least, what makes lifts your garage doors open and close for you, your garage door openers.

    As technology kept progressing over time, we have made it possible to open our garage doors mechanically and without breaking a single sweat.

    And this technology is what we call garage door openers.

    With a simple press or click of a button or switch, you are able to open and close your garage door with convenience.

    There are three different types of garage door openers you can choose from — chain drive openers, belt drive openers, and direct drive openers.

    Depending on your budget and preference, you may choose one or the other.

    Nevertheless, they all function the same way in the end — to open and close your garage doors with ease.

    No matter which one you may end up choosing, there is really no reason you’ll regret it.

    They make our lives so much better and easier.

    For garage door opener repairs and maintenance, it is best you ask assistance from your local garage door repair company as openers have a lot of complex parts and components you do not want to accidentally break.

    Consulting Garage Door Repairs Pros

    Your garage door parts are what make it possible for your garage doors to function and work as expected.

    If any of these parts are broken or in bad condition, this affects your garage door operations as a whole.

    Being responsible for your garage doors does not only mean understanding its different components but as well knowing who to call for your emergency garage door services and needs.

    If you are in Ottawa and are looking for a garage door repair company near you, Garage Door Repairs Pros will be more than happy to help you.

    We have been in this industry for over 15 years now, assuring you that no matter what may be the problem with your garage doors, we will have the required knowledge to fix this.

    Garage Door Repairs Pros offer a lot of services from garage door installation to garage door repair and maintenance, you name it we can do it.

    And what more, we are even available 24/7 to assist you with your garage door needs.

    Here at Garage Door Repairs Pros, we aim to provide repairs and services that are made to last.

    So you don’t have to worry about your garage doors breaking down on you again anytime sooner.

    For more inquiries, you may reach us at (613) 909-8982 or visit us at any of our branches near Ottawa.

    What are you waiting for? Contact us now and see for yourselves what we can offer.

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