Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need to Know

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    Repairing A Garage Door Yourself

    Garage Door Spring Repair – Automatic garage doors have different components that contribute to its whole makeup and technology.

    Your garage door is only as useful and beneficial as its little parts.

    These parts do the work behind the scenes so you can have a smooth and efficient process of opening and closing your door.

    One of these parts is the springs.

    They can either be torsion or extension springs.

    They do the job of lifting the door when it opens and handles the weight and is, therefore, under a lot of tension and pressure.

    Due to its tremendous job, it can wear out and possibly give up at some point.

    If you are having problems with your own springs, before calling a garage door repair service, here is what you need to know about a garage door spring fix.

    The door needs to be locked down

    When doing repairs, safety should always be the number one priority.

    There are a lot of things that could go wrong if you are careless.

    Use locking pliers in shutting the door down or clamp a c-clamp to the door’s track positioned above one of the door’s rollers.

    Locking the door will keep it from suddenly opening up and hitting you on the face as the new springs are being winded while in the process of a repair.

    You should also pull the red cord of the garage door and unplug it from the power.

    The unbroken spring must be loosened first

    A winding must be needed for this operation.

    A repairer should thrust the winding bar into the good spring’s winding cone and its bottom hole.

    The bar should be held in place while the set screws are loosened.

    There might be a huge force, requiring you to hang on tightly.

    This is because the spring will put up a fight with the torque as the screws are released.

    The unbroken spring must be unwinded as well

    Two winding bars are used for the unraveling of the unbroken spring.

    The winding bar must be inserted into the hole following a 9:00 position.

    The repairman must remove the bar at the bottom and proceed to unravel the spring only a quarter-turn each time while leapfrogging the winding bars within each turn.

    The springs need to be disconnected from the center bracket

    The nuts and bolts need to be removed first from its tight grip on the stationery spring cones and the bracket.

    The one doing the repair should then glide the springs to the end of the brackets.

    This is part of the process of the unwinding of the springs.

    The torsion springs should be secured

    Locking pliers are needed or a good C-clamp to be snapped on to the center bracket in order to keep the torsion tube in the center bracket.

    You should then proceed to loosen the set screws located on the light to the right cable drums and detach the lift cables.

    The old spring should be removed

    In order to remove the spring, you should glide the torsion over.

    You should begin from the left side of your garage door and then slip the torsion tube to the right side in order to remove the cable drum.

    You can then remove the old spring off its machine.

    Do not attempt to do the repairs on your own unless you are a professional

    The repair and replacement of the springs require technical precision.

    Even a quick study or a DIY won’t cut it.

    Bear in mind that the springs carry a lot of tension.

    They are dangerous and delicate, so one mistake can result in a rush of more problems on your way.

    Do not attempt the repairs on your own unless you have prior knowledge or experience in the area.

    Know all there is to know about springs

    Learning about the springs will let you know about how it works and how you can take better care of it.

    Study its kinds and maintenance so you can maintain and prevent any more accidents or damage before it occurs.

    Contact a garage door repair service company

    People living in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Ontario, and other local areas can easily call for a garage door fix service, anytime and anywhere.

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