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    Typical Garage Door Repairs

    Garage Door Springs Ottawa – Garage door springs enable the overhead door to open up and close down.

    These parts are often at work as it stretches and contracts.

    Springs are often the first part of the door to malfunction or deteriorate in time.

    From time to time, it is advised to have it inspected for maintenance and to have it tuned up when it shows slight wearing.

    A wearing garage door spring can be a hazard, that is why it is recommended to have it maintained and replaced at the right time.

    Types of Springs

    The two types of overhead door springs are the extension springs and the torsion springs.

    The torsion spring is a system attached to a steel rod.

    Depending on the door size, one or two torsion springs are used.

    These springs have cables attached to both ends.

    It is placed on the headwall of the overhead door.

    There are four types of torsion springs.

    Standard torsion springs only need one spring to operate.

    Then there are early-set torsion springs.

    The difference is that the early-set torsion spring is attached to the center part of a shaft.

    Steele rolling doors torsion springs have their springs contained within the torsion barrel.

    Torque master torsion springs encircle the shaft.

    Extension spring is placed on both ends of the garage door’s tracks.

    When the door is in motion, it extends and contracts with the help of cables and pulleys.

    The first type of extension spring is the open-looped extension spring.

    The open-looped extension spring has a wire on its end, keeping the spring in place.

    A double-looped extension spring has a spiral that connects the spring to a pulley.

    The last one of extension spring is the clipped-end springs.

    Garage doors springs can generally last five years, which depends on the number of times it opens and closes.

    The springs stretch and contract ten thousand times at minimum and twenty thousand max.

    We normally don’t recommend that you fix garage door springs by yourself due to the complexity of the whole process.

    How to Fix a Garage Door Spring

    We start by inspecting the garage door spring.

    Usually, we recommend replacing the spring parts because the problem is always due to its age.

    We do not encourage people to do this, especially on torsion springs.

    Here is an example of how to fix an extension spring.

    The first step is

    1. Open the overhead door and place a clamp.
    2. After that, we disconnect the door opener.
    3. Disconnect the pulley and mark it so the replacement can be placed in the same place.
    4. Thread the safety cable to keep the spring in its place.
    5. Remove the old spring and disconnect the safety cable from its bracket.
    6. Thread a safety cable through the replacement spring before attaching it to the track bracket.
    7. Attach the safety cable and pulley together.

    Once we finish that, we remove the clamps and reattach the overhead door opener.

    We test the door and make adjustments until we see that the extension spring fits and works well.

    Torsion springs are much more difficult.

    For one, you will have to remove the winding cones of the torsion spring.

    If you fail, the overhead door will collapse.

    That can be a serious safety hazard.

    Garage door springs receive the tension for the door to open and close.

    That is why it is the first part of the garage door that will likely malfunction.

    We encourage homeowners to do basic maintenance by checking the door springs routinely.

    Make sure that it is not coiled or parts of it are not wearing out.

    You will know that something is wrong with the door when you feel that it does not open the same way anymore.

    We offer expert advice for people dealing with maintenance.

    Our company provides basic and special services Garage Door Springs Ottawa and the usual problems that come with it.

    If you find yourself unconfident with your knowledge of garage door springs, we are here every step of the way.

    Just give us a call, our technicians will be on the other side to give you instructions on how to keep your garage door spring running smoothly for a long while.

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