Garage Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why.

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    Garage Door Won’t Close? – Picture this: it’s a busy morning.

    You’re on your way home after getting some errands done.

    You open your garage door and, as soon as you want to close it, it doesn’t and gets stuck.

    An instance like this is inevitable.

    Moreover, other situations, such as the garage door coming to the bottom of the floor or it springing back up, can occur as it wears out with age.

    With this and you frustrated, you’re hesitant to leave the house with the garage door wide open like that.

    As you contact your local repairman, you think to yourself: what can I do to lessen/alleviate this problem?

    Before calling the local garage door repair company, it’s best to know how to deal with this type of situation by inspecting what’s wrong with the garage door’s system.

    Below are some helpful answers that could be the solution to the question.

    Clear any objects blocking the garage door’s sensor

    One of the many obvious reasons why stubborn garage doors won’t come to close fully is because of objects or dirt blocking the garage door’s sensor.

    Depending on the garage door brand, these garage doors come with a sensor that could assist homeowners in automatically opening the garage door with just a click of a button.

    Inspect the area surrounding the garage door’s sensor system, if clutters of dust and dirt are visible, clean it with a cloth.

    Moreover, it’s also essential to check on the lens of the sensor.

    Some sensor systems use sensor lights, wherein a beam of light helps in locating the signal to open or close the garage door.

    Double-check and inspect the garage door’s sensory system to see if the sensor light is turned on or off.

    If the light is too weak, then it most likely needs to get its batteries replaced.

    Moreover, check the sensors’ alignment, as the positioning helps in connecting with the signal of the garage door’s remote.

    Gently give the sensors a slight bend to ensure that the connection between the remote, garage door and sensor system has reconnected.

    Check the settings on the garage door’s sensor system

    After clearing the sensor’s system’s alignment or even cleaning the sensor’s lenses, yet still doesn’t work, check the settings function of the sensor system.

    The sensor system’s settings may have something to do with why the garage door won’t fully come to a close.

    Moreover, it could be because of its travel limits.

    Travel limits are the garage door’s limit set’s ability to open and close at a controlled setting before the garage door can fully come to a close or open.

    This helps to avoid accidentally crushing objects blocking the garage door’s way.

    The settings for the garage door’s travel limit can be changed by adjusting it using a handy screwdriver and taking specific measurements.

    Moreover, suppose the case seems to come to a complicated matter.

    It’s best to read the sensor’s instruction manual or consult a professional garage door repair to seek the solution as soon as possible.

    Inspect the garage door’s track and rollers

    The garage door’s purpose is to secure the family vehicle and other storage items inside the garage.

    Leaving the garage door with its current malfunctioning condition would be a bad idea.

    Give a quick inspection on the garage door’s track and rollers, since these parts are the crucial backbone of the garage door and in need of proper maintenance.

    Apply lubricant oil on the garage door’s rollers.

    This could help in smoothing out the movement and lessen the scratch noises of the garage door.

    As for the garage door’s tracks, clean the grime that’s building up with a toothbrush or cloth using lubricant oil to remove all the dirt that’s causing the garage door to malfunction.

    However, if cleaning doesn’t do the job, it’s best to call a professional, since dealing with garage door rollers and tracks can be risky.

    Manually close and open the garage door for now

    Every garage door has a manual release cord.

    This allows homeowners to operate the garage door’s close and open functionality without the garage door’s sensor system’s need.

    After doing everything mentioned in this guide and the garage door still doesn’t fully come to a close, it’s best to call a professional garage door repair company located in the areas of Ottawa, Orleans, Ontario and Kanata.

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