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    Garage Doors Of Ottawa

    The first thing that people will notice as they pass by your property is either your manicured lawn or the garage door.

    Garage doors hold the widest opening of the house making it the most prominent fixture on your property.

    And besides their aesthetic properties, garage doors play a crucial role in securing the garage as it provides easy access to burglars or any illicit activities.

    If you’re looking to replace or install a new garage door, at Garage Door Pros, you can choose from our wide selection of high-quality services.

    In case you’re not sure about what type of hardware fits your garage, allow us to show you some of the numerous garage doors of Ottawa.

    Listed below are a few of the numerous garage door selections you can choose from.

    Tilt-up overhead door panel

    Tilt-up overhead doors are not new to us all.

    This type of garage door has been in the industry for decades and still captivates our hearts with its ergonomic feature and classic look.

    A tilt-up overhead door is composed of a single panel usually made out of wood.

    This type of hardware is a practical choice for residence with small overhead space in their garage.

    However, despite its practical and remarkable qualities, the hardware does not come without weak points.

    The maintenance and repairs are quite costly especially if the panel is damaged because it requires you to replace the entire panel.

    Carriage or swing-out garage door

    A carriage garage door is commonly known as a swing-out door is way more traditional-looking than the tilt-up and easier to operate.

    This type of garage door is motorized which no longer requires to be pulled and pushed when operated.

    Since the carriage door does not need to occupy the overhead space, you have the liberty to create storage just below the ceiling.

    And when it comes to the garage door’s maintenance, it’s way cost-effective and practical over the tilt-up garage door.

    Roll-up overhead door

    Roll-up doors are a staple in every commercial and industrial property because of their highly resistant qualities from damages and extreme weather.

    Although this is not commonly seen in residential property, some homeowners go for this type of garage door because of its durability.

    So, when your priority is to secure your residence or business establishment, roll-up doors are highly recommended.

    Sliding garage door

    The sliding garage door is an all-around type of door that can adapt to any space, even a large and spacious garage.

    The sliding garage door is safer and easier as the hardware slides horizontally.

    So if you want a simple and safer garage door, then this may be the right one for you.

    Also, this type of garage door has a wide range of selections when it comes to its materials.

    We Install All Makes and Models

    The aforementioned list of garage doors of Ottawa is just a few of the numerous selections we cater to every residential and commercial establishment.

    We can also customize your preferred design, materials, size, etc.

    We always give precedence to our customer’s choice as your satisfaction is paramount to us.

    Talk to our expert team so we can sort out your desired garage door and work with your budget.

    We guarantee you that we will provide all the necessary details and costs of your project.

    Book an appointment with our technical team today!

    How Much is the Cost of Garage Door Installation?

    The cost of garage door installation will depend on the hardware’s materials, size, and even the mechanism.

    Moreover, we guarantee you that we will assist you and provide you proper recommendations for your project.

    If you want a customized garage door, we can work it for you as well.

    Do not hesitate to talk to our customer representative so we can work on your preference.

    24-Hour Garage Door Services

    If your garage door is not in its seamless condition, call your reliable garage door company in Ottawa.

    Our garage door technical support team is at your service 24/7 to accommodate all your garage door repairs.

    We know how inconvenient garage door mishaps can be, and we don’t want you to stress about the repairs and getting it fixed on time.

    That’s why we continue to improve and adopt technology so we can do our repairs safely and effectively.

    Leave the repairs to us so you can rest easy at night knowing your garage door is in its prime condition.

    In a Nutshell

    If you’re considering replacing and installing a modern garage door, leave the technical details to a trustworthy service provider.

    Garage doors are not just a valuable addition to your property; it also functions as a preventive measure against all types of detrimental elements.

    Therefore, if you’re not sure which hardware suits your garage, let us know so we can sort all your problems and provide you with honest advice.

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