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    Is your garage door not fully opening or bouncing back when you close it?

    When you notice your garage door is displaying signs of a failing motor unit, it may be time for garage door motor repair.

    Just like any garage door problem, a garage door motor malfunction can occur at any moment.

    Unfortunately, it happens at the least expected time.

    If your garage door opener failed during these most inconvenient times, Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa got you covered!

    Our garage door repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    When it comes to garage electric motor repair in Ottawa, our team of specialists takes pleasure in providing the finest possible level of service.

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    What Are Garage Door Motors?

    A motor is a mechanical device that transforms electrical energy into motion.

    The combination of a magnetic field and an electric current inside an electric motor causes motion, which provides the force to move the garage door opener.

    Garage doors motors are powered by the current flow from the power grid or direct current from the batteries.

    A failure with any part of a motor can cause faulty operation of your garage door.

    Additionally, a garage door must produce enough energy to operate the different types of garage door openers.

    What Are The Signs You Are In Need Of Garage Door Motor Repair?

    The signs of a broken garage door motor can be mistaken for those of a broken garage door opener or even a broken remote control.

    As a result, it is critical to recognize the warning signs of a malfunctioning garage door motor and correctly diagnose the issue.

    Wear and tear could be attributed to malfunctioning garage door motors, or a door alignment issue could have pushed the motor to its limit.

    If your garage door motor exhibits any of the danger indications listed below, you should seek professional assistance.

    Garage door refuses to open or close

    You can try resetting the frequency on your remote control if the door refuses to respond.

    But, if the door is not moving though the motor is running, a technician may be able to repair the motor if nothing else is wrong with the opener.

    Noisy garage door opener operation

    Your normally super quiet opener may make a louder noise than usual.

    This might be emanating from the motor unit.

    A squeaking garage door can be quite a nuisance.

    So, if the creaking and clanking sounds get louder every time you open or close the door, you probably need a garage door motor repair from a professional.

    Slow-moving garage door

    For safety, garage doors are calibrated to move at specific speeds.

    Thus, having a slow-moving garage door can imply a variety of things.

    If your garage door is slowing down or only opening half-way, the motor may not be supplying enough power to lift the door’s weight.

    When this occurs, a trained garage door technician can best resolve the issue.

    Underpowered garage door motor

    An underpowered motor is less dependable, causing overheating of the opener.

    Your garage door may then begin to work erratically.

    As a result, you will be required to wait a short period of time for it to work again.

    Because of this, it will be difficult for you to stick to your routine.

    Outdated garage door motor

    An outdated garage door motor or even older technology may be unable to meet the demands of running your garage door.

    Designs and materials that are new will enable a garage door motor to operate more consistently and efficiently, as well as silently and securely.

    Where To Have Garage Electric Motor Repair in Ottawa?

    While calling a professional is the best course of action, it’s also crucial to know which company you can trust with your garage door needs.

    If you are looking for a dependable garage electric motor repair in Ottawa, look no further!

    At Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa, we offer extensive garage door repair services that you can trust.

    Our technicians have received the most comprehensive training available in the business.

    Because of this, we ensure to identify problems and evaluate your garage door system accurately.

    Additionally, prior to the start of any repairs, you will always receive a fair, accurate quote.

    Contact us, and we will send someone to your house at any time of day or night.

    A garage electric motor is a unit that enables you to use the opener for the electric type of opening a garage door.

    Without this motor, you won’t open or close your garage door using the remote.

    That’s why to avoid having a malfunctioning garage electric motor unit, and you should do annual maintenance on them.

    However, if you’re already in a situation where you’re experiencing a faulty motor unit, you might need to call a skilled garage door technician to fix the problem.

    At Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa, our team of certified garage door technicians can repair most garage door parts efficiently and correctly.

    No matter how difficult to find the culprit, our professional technicians will locate and fix them immediately.

    In this way, you can use your garage door again correctly and safely.

    In this article, we will talk about the indications of a malfunctioning garage door motor unit and why does a motor unit be important.

    You can call us at any time of the day as we are available on all days of the week.

    Set your next appointment with us now!

    Importance Of Garage Electric Motor

    Below are the three significant advantages of having a garage door opener.


    Garage doors are significantly heavy and require too much power to function correctly.

    A garage door opener serves as the operator that manages the garage door’s weight to ensure that there’s no obstruction along its pathway upon closing.

    When a garage door is in closing motion, your garage door opener will try to detect an obstruction.

    If it senses a blockage, it will automatically reverse its way to avoid collision with the object.

    If your garage door opener becomes faulty, it indicates that the reverse feature may not work either.

    If this is the case, you should get a technician to fix the problem immediately to avoid accidents.


    The major job of an automatic door opener is to make things convenient, right?

    Storing a lot of stuff and vehicles inside a garage door is easy, but a malfunctioning overhead door will make things complicated as it will take more time to finish.

    A quality type of garage door opener helps prevent the annoyance of being faulty and provides your garage door operation to be as smooth as possible.


    A garage door can work correctly, making you feel more relaxed.

    However, if you hear some noisy sounds on your garage door motor unit while raking a nap, it indicates that there’s something wrong with the motor and needs immediate repair.

    That’s because a garage door opener that is in its top condition reduces the noise during operation to provide comfort for the user.

    Signs That You Need Garage Door Motor Repair

    If you notice these signs, don’t hesitate to call a professional garage door technician to fix the problem right away.

    Garage Door Is Not Opening Or Closing

    This problem is the most common one that can happen to a garage door.

    If you notice that it’s hard to operate your garage door, you might want to check the remote batteries.

    Occasionally, the culprit for the problem is a dead battery, and you only need to change one in order to operate your garage door again correctly.

    However, if changing the battery did not work, maybe it isn’t the problem, and there’s a severe issue going on with the motor unit and may need a professional technician to conduct a check-up.

    Another possible culprit for this problem is the sudden power outage.

    If the garage door is not functioning, check the power source if it’s properly connected even though the power is back on.

    If it’s connected properly and still not working, call a technician to help you.

    The Garage Door Makes Annoying Noise

    A well-conditioned garage door reduces the amount of noise of the motor and doesn’t give extra noise.

    If this is the case, you should call an expert to fix the problem and not cause more issues in the future.


    Proper maintenance on your appliance, such as the motor unit, is essential to preserve its top condition.

    However, if you try to neglect such a problem, it could cause you more issues that will cost you a lot of money for repair.

    So, if one of these signs occurs on your motor unit, kindly call Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa to repair the problem right away.

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