How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

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    How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

    Any unnecessary gap in your garage door is not pleasing to the eyes.

    Regardless of how beautiful your garage door and home exterior are, people will fixate on the defect that is the garage door gap.

    On top of this, unwarranted garage door spaces can also compromise your safety and security.

    Any opening on your door, no matter how big or small, can serve as an invitation to unwarranted guests and pests.

    To help you how to adjust a garage door gap, our expert technicians have summarized the steps to troubleshoot garage door gaps safely and effectively.

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    Garage Door Side Gaps

    Does your garage door have an opening on the sides whenever you close it?

    That seems like a garage door side gap.

    This usually occurs when your garage door is misaligned or there is a problem with your garage door stops.

    Fixing a Misaligned Garage Door

    One possible explanation why your garage door has a side gap is that your door is unbalanced or not exactly vertical.

    This could be due to a defective roller track on each side of your door.

    If these tracks are not even, this may cause your door to tilt.

    To fix this problem, you can adjust the tracks by unfastening the mounting bolts.

    When it’s loose enough, you can set the tracks correctly so that it’s closer to the door stops.

    After which, tighten the mounting bolts and check if your garage door is plumb.

    Fixing Damaged Garage Door Stops

    On both sides of your garage door, you will notice stops or strips of seal that close the gap between your garage door and the jamb.

    If these accessory parts are missing, your door will have space on either side.

    One way you could go about this problem is to reposition your garage door stops so that they are plumb.

    In the worst case, you may have to replace them.

    Garage Door Bottom Gaps

    You may also observe a gap at the bottom of your garage door.

    Various factors could cause the bottom haps on your garage door.

    Luckily, you could also take different approaches to solve the problem.

    Adjusting the Limit Switch

    The garage door bottom gap may be caused by an incorrect limit switch setting.

    In this case, you just need to adjust the close limit switch on your garage door.

    Set it so that your door touches the floor when it’s in a closed position.

    Replacing The Weather Seal

    The sealing at the bottom of your garage door wears away after some time.

    Pests could be nibbling on it, or it’s simply worn out from old age and constant use.

    In either case, you need to replace the weather seal to close off any gap at the bottom of your door.

    Installing a Threshold

    Another way to solve bottom gaps on your garage door is to set up a threshold.

    This applies if there is only a small amount of space between your garage door and floor.

    In this case, you will need to glue a rubber threshold on your garage floor to seal the gap.

    Other garage owners opt for cementing their garage door floors to close off the gap.

    This approach is suitable, even when the gap between your door and floor is significant.

    Calling the Experts

    Whether you have a side or bottom gap in your garage door, calling professional garage door technicians is always an option.

    In fact, we recommend that you go to the experts right away if you notice any gap in your door.

    Experienced garage door experts know how to adjust a garage door gap.

    We are trained to efficiently and effectively resolve any issue to keep your garage door in its best state.

    If you live in Ottawa, call Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa for reliable and high-quality garage door repair services.

    No matter where you are in the city, we have a team of friendly and dedicated experts who will come to your place and happily serve you.

    Book with us now for same-day garage door repair and installation in Ottawa.

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