How to Fix A Dented Garage Door

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    How to Fix A Dented Garage Door

    No matter how much you beautify your garage door, if it’s dented and scratched, your efforts will be futile.

    Regardless of its size, dents are not attractive.

    They are bothersome to look at and they could hurt your curb appeal.

    Severe dents can also affect the operation of your door.

    Did you know that small dents can grow larger over time if you don’t fix them immediately?

    This is due to the fact that factors such as strong rains and extreme heat could affect your garage door.

    That’s why it’s vital that you repair garage door dents immediately.

    Determine What Your Garage Door Is Made Out Of

    Your garage door could be made out of steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass.

    The material that makes up your garage door is a major determinant of how you’ll fix the dent.

    Fiberglass doors don’t dent.

    Wood, steel, and aluminum doors do.

    Among the three, dented wooden doors are the most difficult to repair.

    On the other hand, steel and aluminum doors are the easiest ones to dent, but they are also the easiest ones to fix.

    Fortunately, almost all residential and commercial garage doors nowadays are made out of aluminum or steel.

    Pounding the Garage Door Dent

    One of the quick fixes to a dented garage door is to reshape the dent with a mallet.

    This method rests on the fact that metal doors are malleable and can be easily shaped.

    Begin by washing the dented area.

    Then, go to the other side of the dent and pound the surface until it is flat and the dent is gone.

    Heating Your Metal Garage Door

    You could also use heat to easily shape your dented aluminum or steel door.

    In this approach, you will need aluminum foil, a lighter, and a can of compressed air.

    After cleaning and drying your garage door, place the foil over the indentation.

    And then, apply heat using a lighter or any heat source for about a minute.

    After which, remove the foil and spray the compressed air over the dent.

    This should do the trick and restore your garage door’s undamaged state.

    Applying Auto Body Filler

    Another approach you could do to fix deep dents is to apply an auto body filling compound.

    As always, wash the door’s surface first and let it dry.

    Then, sand the surface using fine-grit sandpaper.

    Remove the dust and spread the auto body filler over the dent.

    Once the compound dries, sand a second time, and then paint the surface so that it matches your garage door color.

    Garage Door Panel Replacement

    If you cannot remedy the dents on your garage door anymore, you should consider replacing the damaged panels.

    Garage door panel replacement works if the indentation is severe, and several panels are damaged.

    To do this process, you might need to call on the expertise of certified garage door technicians.

    Experienced technicians have the proper training and skill required to replace garage doors safely.

    We also work efficiently, so you won’t have to wait for a long time.

    On top of these, we always strive to do things correctly on our first attempt.

    If you need a reliable garage door panel replacement in Ottawa, feel free to call our expert team at Garage Door Door Repair Pros Ottawa.

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