How to Fix Garage Door Cable

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    A garage door is only ever functional if all of its parts are in mint condition.

    That is to say, if at least one section of your garage door is broken, your garage door may completely stop working.

    Or, it would not work as smoothly, safely, and efficiently as it should.

    A damaged garage door cable, in particular, may give your springs and garage door opener a hard time.

    That’s because the main purpose of a cable is to help these hardware parts lift and manage the weight of the garage door.

    If your cables are rusty, broken, or snapped, you need to repair them immediately.

    Contact your local technicians to help you fix garage door cables.

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    Caution: Safety First

    Before you begin fixing your garage door cable, we suggest that you assess your expertise in doing the job first.

    Working around garage door cables and springs is extremely dangerous.

    Both of these components have high tension that could injure you if you execute the task incorrectly.

    Moreover, if you continue doing the task with amateur skills and knowledge, you may end up making the problem worse.

    Broken Garage Door Cables

    As part of the weightlifting system of your garage door, cables are strong and sturdy.

    They are made of durable steel wires that are twisted together, so they are made to last for years.

    Despite this assembly and quality of garage door cables, they are not unbreakable.

    Many garage owners in Ottawa experience having broken cables.

    This could be due to various reasons, such as natural wearing and tearing, fraying, and corrosion.

    If you have a garage door cable that has snapped off, you have no other option but to replace your cables.

    Loose Garage Door Cables

    Another common problem faced by many garage owners is having a loose cable.

    When this happens, your cables will often slip off the grooves and cable drums.

    Slack or misaligned garage door cables can occur due to various reasons, like

    • When your garage door springs break
    • When you manually open the door too fast
    • When you use the wrong springs and have improper spring tension
    • When you use incorrect cable drums

    In case you have a loose garage door cable, you need to determine the cause of the issue so that you can resolve it.

    If you have a broken spring or incorrect spring hardware, you need to replace it instantly with the correct one.

    Also, if your springs don’t have the correct tension, you may need to do some adjustments to fix your spring and cable system.

    Call a Professional for Safe Garage Door Repair Services.

    In case of a snapped or faulty garage door cable, don’t hesitate to contact professional garage door technicians.

    Experienced technicians know how to fix all sorts of garage door problems.

    Whether it’s the spring, cable, or garage door opener that’s causing the issue, we can troubleshoot it safely and efficiently.

    Don’t risk your life for an amateur garage door cable repair.

    Instead, call us, so we can restore your garage door safety, convenience, and security.

    24/7 Emergency Garage Door Cable Repair in Ottawa

    Broken cables are inconvenient and frustrating.

    Hence, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible, so you can conveniently use your garage door again.

    If your garage door springs or cables break in the middle of the night, call our team for urgent repair services.

    No matter where you are in Ottawa, we have an emergency team who will get to your place quickly.

    We will assess your garage door; diagnose the problem, and then get down to business.

    Our expert technicians will repair or replace your damaged cables in the safest and most efficient way possible.

    Call Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa now for quick and timely garage door services in Ottawa.

    We are available 24/7, so you can contact us after-hours and on weekends.

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