How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door?

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    How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door?

    How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door? The most significant factor for noise-free garage doors is basic maintenance.

    Tattered rollers, loose parts, or components in need of lubrication that are forgotten are the common cause for noisy garage doors — all of these are easily mendable.

    Continue reading to learn more about the essentials in maintaining your garage door.

    Fasten all the components

    Make sure that all nuts and bolts on your garage door track are tight and accounted for.

    Also, you should always inspect if some parts are already worn out so that you can replace it.

    All of the moving parts should be sprayed with lubricants explicitly made for garage doors.

    Do not worry if your garage door makes noises whenever it opens and closes, because such problems are simple to solve and will not consume a lot of time.

    You can start your maintenance phase by fastening all the components on your garage door and track.

    Deep sockets and ratchets are highly recommended in tightening all the nuts and bolts on your garage door.

    Whenever you fasten your components, always remember not to overtighten, because the bolt heads could pull through the garage door layers or it could dismantle the screw holes.

    Change busted rollers

    After doing these, go through your hinges and rollers.

    Unbolt the hinge and tilt the roller out of your garage door track if you want to replace the roller.

    Exposed bearings are prone to breakage after a long period of rolling in contaminated surroundings, and many garage door track rollers have these.

    Extreme deterioration can lead to rollers getting wobbly whenever the door moves.

    Replace worn-out rollers with durable Nylon ones with sealed bearings.

    You can find these at any local garage door suppliers, or even online.

    The good thing about Nylon rollers is it is quieter, and you do not have to lubricate it more frequently.

    The only tradeoff for Nylon rollers is that it is more expensive than the steel rollers.

    Change your rollers one at a time.

    If you are using torsion springs on your garage door, changing the rollers from the bottom brackets are highly discouraged, because those joints are experiencing constant tension from the springs, and could cause severe damage if you try to loosen them.

    Let the expert technicians handle the garage door repairs for you.

    Build brand-new hinges

    Deteriorated rollers are more common than frayed hinges.

    But whenever a hinge gets sloppy, it can make lots of noise and can eventually affect the door sections that are using the tongue-and-groove joints.

    If you see that the hole connecting the tubular hinge pin and the hinge bracket has an oblong shape, immediately replace the hinge.

    You can tell if the hinges are worn if you see any grey dust and metal filings around it.

    After replacing the tattered door components, you can move on to the chain in your garage door opener.

    If you hear loud slapping noises whenever you open your garage door, you may be having a sloppy garage door opener chain.

    Start by fastening the chain.

    You can find the steps to execute this in your owner’s manual.

    Grease your garage door track

    After tightening it, the next thing you should do is to oil your opener track with grease.

    Grease the screw drive opener as well if you have some.

    Squeeze a gob of grease onto your gloved palms and generously spread it on your door track.

    You can further spread the oil on the track by operating the opener multiple times.

    This might help To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

    Oil every moving component with garage door lubricant

    With the use of garage door lubricant, spray all the shaft and hinge on your garage door.

    Then, clean the excess lube by wiping it with an absorbent cloth.

    After that, spray and soak your springs with garage door lubricant as well.

    If you want to make it cleaner, you should slide in a piece of cloth, or better, cardboard before spraying the lube.

    Use a specific lubricant made for garage doors, as it has better penetration effect and it helps in preserving the garage door components.

    Lube all moving pieces every six months to reduce deterioration and to keep the garage door quiet.

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