How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Cable

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    How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Cable

    Having problems with your broken garage door cable? Wondering whether there is any way that you can fix it?

    Curious about how to repair a broken garage door cable? Then this article is definitely for you.

    Garage door cables are vital parts of your overhead garage door’s mechanical system.

    Without it, your garage door will not be able to function at all.

    Together with your garage door springs, they are what make it possible to lift open and close your garage door.

    When something goes wrong with your garage door cable or if it breaks down on you, it can cause a lot of problems, even accidents, if left unattended or carelessly handled.

    But what can you do to remedy this situation?

    Well, if you are interested, here are some tips and advice if ever you find yourself with a broken garage door cable.

    Prepping up for the task

    Before getting to the main topic at hand, let us first get to know more about what garage door cables are, how it works, and what you need to prepare to get the job done.

    To start things up, what exactly is a garage door cable?

    Well, garage door cables are what make it possible to open your garage doors.

    They support your garage door’s weight and help the spring lift it open when needed.

    They make sure that when and if your spring breaks down on you, your garage door won’t fall down on you.

    Garage door cables work by winding up your garage door spring, allowing you to accumulate a lot of torque power which is what opens your garage door.

    Without one or the other, there is no way the garage door can open at all.

    There are three types of cables being used on your overhead garage doors — lifting cables, retaining cables, and emergency release cable.

    Knowing exactly which you need to repair is important so as to speed up the time needed for the repairs and as well as know exactly how to cater to it.

    Now, there are three things you need to prepare if you want to successfully complete this task at hand.

    Fixing your garage door cables requires you to have the needed tools and equipment to do so.

    With this being said, make sure you have the following tools at hand:

    • Ladder
    • Visor Clips
    • Replacement Cables

    After making sure that you have these three prepared, you are now ready to deal with your problem on how to repair a broken garage door cable.

    Repairing your broken garage door cable

    After knowing everything you need to know and making sure that all the tools and equipment that you will be needing for the job are prepared, then it is now time to replace your broken garage door cables.

    The entire process can be really easy to do as long as you make sure to follow the procedures diligently and carefully.

    Not doing so will only put your life at risk due to unwanted accidents happening so make sure you are really focused on the job at hand.

    Without further ado, here are the things you should do whenever you find yourself with a broken garage door cable.

    To start things, begin with removing your garage door opener’s connection to your garage door and have it unplugged from the power source.

    This is done for safety purposes. After all, you do not want your garage door suddenly opening or closing your doors on your during the entire repair process right?

    After disconnecting the opener from your garage door, lift your garage doors manually until it is completely opened.

    If the door seems too heavy for you, make sure to ask for help when doing so.

    Once the garage door is completely open, make sure to clamp the door open using your visor clamps just below your fully opened garage door.

    Doing this will make sure that your garage door will not suddenly close or fall down on you.

    Aside from that, it also relieves some stress and tension from your garage door springs and cables making it much easier to replace them.

    Once all safety precautions are set in place, you may now proceed to actually replace your broken cables.

    You can do this by first loosening your garage door cables.

    Once loose, make sure to unwind the cable from your garage door’s drum then, once possible, remove them.

    After removing the damaged cables, install the replacement cables.

    Attach your new cables to your garage door’s drum and wind them tightly in place.

    After that, fix the other end of your newly installed garage door cables to the bottom of your garage door.

    And you are done. You have now successfully replaced your defective garage door cables with a new one.

    Now make sure to check the balance between the two sides of the cable to make sure that the tension and load are equally shared between the two.

    Once done, make sure to test the functionality of your garage door.

    For more guidance and a better understanding of the entire procedure described above, you may refer to this video below to help you out with the job.

    Choosing Garage Door Repair Pros

    Fixing your broken garage door cables can be a very risky task to do, and as such, we recommend you leave it to a trained professional.

    Having a trained professional over with the set of required skills for the job will allow for safer environments during the entire repair process.

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    Garage Door Repair Pros have been in this industry for almost 15 years now making them a reliable and trustworthy garage door repair company in Ottawa.

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