How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Spring

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    How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Spring

    Your garage door spring serves an important role in keeping your overhead garage door up and running.

    If something goes wrong with your garage door spring, then pretty sure that your garage door will not be in a good condition as well.

    Garage door springs are what carry your garage door’s weight and support it.

    If not for your springs, your garage door will not be able to hold itself up or even open at all for that matter.

    When your garage door springs breakdown, then this can only mean that your overhead garage door is in for a whole lot of trouble.

    When this happens, you might not be able to open your garage doors, lift them up, or even keep them open.

    This is why when your springs break down on you or are about to break down on you, you must not take it for granted and make sure that it is attended to right away.

    Replacing your garage door spring can be done by yourself though it may come at a bit of a risk especially if you do not have any idea on how to do it in the first place.

    As the springs hold your garage doors, carelessly removing them may result in your garage door falling on you.

    Thus, it is best to leave garage door spring repair to the nearest garage door repair company in your area.

    However, if you insist on doing the repair yourself, then here is how to repair a broken garage door spring.

    Garage Door Springs – everything you need to know

    Before we get to the main topic at hand, let us first begin with knowing all there is to know about garage door springs.

    This is so we have a better understanding of how they function, what they do, and the different type of springs there is.

    Garage door springs are found on the top area of your garage door. They assist in the opening and closing function of your mechanical system.

    They also serve as counterweights that balance out your garage doors.

    Now, there are two types of garage door springs being used nowadays — torsion springs and extension springs.

    Different they may be, their main function is similar to each other.

    Knowing which type of spring you are replacing is important because depending on the type of spring, the procedures can vary.

    Before you can proceed to repairing or fixing your broken garage door spring, there are some things you need to prepare beforehand.

    Doing so will make your task so much easier to accomplish.

    Without further ado, please see below for the list of things you would need when repairing a broken garage door spring:

    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Wrench & Socket set
    • Hammer
    • Winding Bars
    • Locking Pliers
    • Clamps
    • Safety glasses and gloves
    • Ladder

    Make sure that you have the above-mentioned tools or your task would be really difficult to accomplish. Complete that and you should be ready for the next step.

    How to Repair a Broken Garage Door Spring

    Repairing a broken garage door spring can be done in three general steps.

    Whether you are replacing a torsion spring or an extension spring, these three steps must be followed diligently.

    So, how exactly do you replace your garage door’s spring?

    The first thing you should do is to measure your garage door spring’s specifications.

    This is done to make sure that replacement springs are a perfect fit for your garage door.

    Measuring the right specifications for your garage door springs is not a very difficult thing to do.

    You can even measure them without having to remove your spring from your door.

    When measuring your garage door’s spring, there are four things you need to remember and/or measure — the spring size, the spring’s inside diameter, the length of the spring, and the spring’s winding direction.

    You do not have to be accurate up to the last decimal point but do try to get as close as possible.

    From your initial measurements, you will choose a standard garage door spring being sold in the market that is more or less close to the measurements that you took.

    You can check out this video for a more in-depth discussion on how the measuring of the garage door spring is done.

    After measuring your broken spring’s specification, the next thing you should do is to purchase the replacement spring.

    Now make sure that you choose the spring just perfect for your garage door so that your garage door can function well without exerting any unnecessary load onto its other components.

    Garage door springs can be purchased from your local hardware, online shops, or even from garage door repair companies as sometimes they keep stock for their repair services.

    If you cannot find your spring anywhere, you may contact Garage Door Repairs Pros and let us see what we can do about your problem.

    Lastly, once the replacement spring has been purchased, all that is left to do is replacing your garage door springs.

    Now, remember, if you do not have the confidence to do this or have no knowledge on how to replace springs at all, then do not attempt to do so.

    Contact your local garage door repair company and ask for assistance.

    Replacing garage door springs can be a very dangerous business as when done wrong could lead to accidents and the like.

    However, if you know that you can do it, then you may proceed to do so.

    Also, keep in mind that you should be able to identify the type of garage door spring you are replacing.

    This is because the procedure in doing so varies significantly.

    To guide you further, here is a video you can check out on how to replace torsion springs and how to replace extension springs.


    Follow these three easy steps and you should do just fine.

    On the off chance that something went wrong or you cannot do it yourself, we recommend you to contact a trained professional to help you with the job.

    If you are in Ottawa and are looking for a garage door repair company near you that can help you with repairing and replacing your overhead door’s springs, then you should definitely consider Garage Door Repair Pros.

    Garage Door Repair Pros is a repair company located in Ottawa that provides any garage door related services such as garage door installation, 24/7 garage door repairs, and garage door maintenance services.

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    We will be more than happy to answer whatever more that you need to know.

    What are you waiting for? For the best garage door repair services in Ottawa, contact us now!

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