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    Jammed Garage Door repair

    Let’s talk about Jammed Garage Door – A well-maintained and efficiently functioning garage door is convenient and reliable.

    There are also many things that you can do with a garage door.

    However, once it starts malfunctioning, you will realize how badly you are caught in a ditch.

    If you are expecting an optimum and near-flawless performance, you should also regularly maintain your garage door.

    By not doing so leaves your garage door vulnerable to breakage.

    If you are stuck with a jammed garage door, worry not! Here are five things you should check if your garage door is jammed.

    Check the garage door tracks

    Your garage door tracks should always be kept in its best condition.

    These parts are responsible for guiding your garage door when sliding up and down.

    When well taken care of, your garage door can move up and down smoothly.

    However, if maintenance is absent, it may cause your door to be jammed.

    To remedy this, you can try adjusting the tracks of your garage door.

    It is also better to use a rubber mallet when you are straightening any dents visible on the tracks.

    You can also use a spirit level to make sure that your garage door tracks are properly aligned.

    However, if this is too much work for you, you can always rely on your professional technician to fix your garage door tracks.

    Inspect the rollers

    Another common problem that may be causing your garage door jammed is the rollers.

    Like garage door tracks, rollers can cause issues to your garage door.

    They may have slipped off the tracks.

    But don’t worry. Not all rollers that are off-tracks are broken.

    Some may still be in good condition.

    For best work, call your professional garage door expert.

    See if there is an obstruction

    This tip is, of course, the most basic thing you should do.

    If your garage door gets stuck all of a sudden, plug it off from the power source and turn off the door opener.

    Inspect if there are any visible problems with the garage door.

    Note if there are dents on the garage door tracks or rusting on the gears that might not have been lubricated.

    It is also important that you schedule a check-up with your garage door professional technicians every one or two years.

    This can help you keep your garage doors in its best condition.

    Double-check if your door is still locked

    If your garage door is not working, don’t fret just yet. It may be something that can be quickly resolved.

    One of the most common causes of a jammed garage door is forgetting to unlock.

    It may not be a mechanical issue per se, but if your garage door is jammed, make sure you still check on the locks.

    Many residential garage doors have a full-lock mode feature. When this is on, the garage door will not open, not even a little.

    Check the springs

    Torsion springs, when in work, are under extreme tension and pressure.

    Torsion springs may often break due to ordinary wear and tear.

    This job is very technical, and when not done correctly, may lead to accidents or severe injuries.

    If your garage door is jammed because of the springs, schedule an appointment with your garage door expert and install new springs.

    What to do if your garage door is still jammed

    Of course, everyone knows that a malfunctioning garage door is a huge pain in the neck.

    And sometimes, even with these quick troubleshooting tips, some homeowners may be intimidated to tinker the garage door’s insides.

    That is totally understandable. Fixing a garage door is not just any normal thing that can be fixed with the use of a toolbox.

    If you cannot identify the problem or are not confident with your mechanical skills, it’s best tha you call your garage door repair professional technicians.

    That way, you can rest assured that your garage door will be up and working in no time.

    If you are located anywhere in Ottawa, particularly in Ontario, there are many reputable and reliable garage door repair companies within your vicinity.

    Some of these are even available within the suburbs of Katana and Orléans.

    Just make sure to look them up beforehand and run through the customers and other homeowners’ reviews and feedback about the company you are planning to call.

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