Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors

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    Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors

    Over time, warehouse roll-up doors have become such a popular choice in both residential and commercial fields.

    After all, there are just so many things it has to offer.

    But what exactly makes them such a good choice?

    Well, roll-up doors are such great choices for your warehouse garage doors because of their sturdiness, durability, and user-friendliness.

    And on top of that, they consume even less space compared to other garage doors.

    With these kinds of garage doors, you are able to maximize more of your garage door’s space without having to worry about your doors hitting them when you open your warehouse garage doors.

    However, warehouse garage doors are not self-sustaining and eventually, there will come a time where it will have to be repaired.

    And when this happens, it can really be troublesome and quite a hassle.

    In order to prolong your warehouse roll-up door’s lifespan, you will need to have it maintained regularly and replace the worn-out parts before it comes to worst.

    The good thing for you is maintaining warehouse roll-up doors, or roll-up doors as a general, can be really easy to do.

    But how exactly does maintaining warehouse roll-up doors happen? Well, let’s find out together.

    What is maintenance?

    Maintenance refers to the act or process of taking good care of something, in this case, warehouse garage doors, by constantly taking good care of it through different maintenance activities.

    They are needed because they help you find what could go wrong with your garage doors before they actually break down preventing sudden garage door breakdown and the like.

    Because of maintenance activities, your garage doors, may it be residential or commercial garage doors, are made to function with great efficiency and in the best possible conditions.

    If proper garage door maintenance activities are regularly done, aside from prolonging your component’s life expectancy and preventing sudden breakdowns, you can reap many more benefits which are all equally good for the welfare of your warehouse garage doors.

    How frequently should maintaining warehouse roll-up doors be done?

    Well, answering this question can be a little bit tricky.

    The frequency in which you will need to maintain your roll-up doors is based on the need to do so.

    If your garage doors are installed in an environment where the wearing out process of your different components is sped up, then you should do it as frequently as possible.

    However, under normal conditions, preventive maintenance should be done once a month while general maintenance should be done every three months.

    For best results, consult with a professional to discuss how often maintenance should be done on your warehouse garage doors.

    They should be able to suggest a good number as they are more familiar with garage doors in general.

    Maintaining your warehouse roll-up doors

    There are a lot of different maintenance activities that you can do for your warehouse garage doors.

    Some you can do by yourselves, others you might need professional help to do so.

    Maintenance that might need professional help to accomplish can be referred to as General Maintenance.

    As for preventive maintenance, you can do it by yourself.

    If you choose to do preventive maintenance activities for your warehouse roll-up doors, just make sure that you do them diligently and properly.

    Otherwise, if you do not give your complete focus on the task at hand, you may end up causing harm to your warehouse garage doors.

    If you are interested, here are some simple maintenance activities that you can do for your roll-up garage doors.

    • Cleaning your garage doors panels
    • Applying lubrication on moving parts
    • Assessing the physical condition of the different components of your garage doors
    • Testing your garage door’s basic functions and operations

    I know you may be thinking and wondering what these simple activities can do for your garage doors but even these simple activities can affect your garage door’s overall performance once done properly.

    Do keep in mind though that if any part needs to be repaired or replaced, make sure that you are properly equipped for it or better yet, contact your local garage door repair company and seek professional help.


    Maintaining warehouse roll-up doors can be such a tedious job.

    It needs a lot of your effort and time if you want to do it properly.

    However, if you do not take regular maintenance for granted, then your garage doors are guaranteed to last longer than most.

    Do not wait until troubles actually visit you before even considering getting your warehouse roll-up doors maintained. Have them maintained now.

    For the best garage door repair company near you that can help and provide you with maintenance services, choose Garage Door Repair Pros in Ottawa.

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