Ottawa Weather Impact on Your Garage Door

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    Ottawa Weather Impact on Your Garage Door
    Weather Impact on Your Garage Door – If you’re a resident in Ottawa, you’re already familiar with the casual shift of weather. It can be challenging at times, not just for people but for house parts as well. A garage door is always needed, even if weather conditions start to become unfavorable. There are steps that you can do to ensure that your garage door is safe from any damages, and the first one is being educated about it. In this article, you will know the impact of weather on your garage door.

    Installed Springs May Break

    An Ottawa garage door repair service assures that springs that they install last for a specific amount of cycle, somewhere close to 10,000. Albeit a very high amount of numbers, the material is still very prone to damages, especially when wintertime comes. You can easily combat this underlying issue by checking the springs pre-winter and ensuring they are well intact. To maximize the protection, you may install a safety cable in case something extreme happens.

    Garage Doors Can be Frozen

    While not in a solid shut state, garage doors are still hard to deal with if they are frozen in anyways. If you’re wondering how this happens, water is mostly the culprit, and once it reaches the bottom-most part of the garage door, the weather will do its thing and freeze the section entirely. However, there are some cases that these frozen parts aren’t that hard and can bulge with just a simple lifting. If the issue persists, you may try getting some tools, preferably something sharp to start chipping away the formed ice beneath. If you still have doubts, you may try calling for the help of Kanata garage door specialists.

    Water Can Cause Excessive Damage

    Aside from freezing shut your garage doors, winter may also bring water that is something that those that are built upon wood don’t like. Water can easily make the door’s frame swell, making it a lot easier for friction to occur for the surfaces involved. By repetitively doing so, there are a lot of chances that the door could get stuck. Before you replace that wooden material with something else, understand that there are some precautions that you may take to keep that beautiful looking design perspective. For starters, it is always a lot better to keep gutters clean to avoid overspilling near the garage door.

    Possible Solutions to Combat Severe Weather Impacts

    Even if you think that these effects are severe, there are still some practical steps that you can take to prevent more spending and have a comfortable living.

    Thorough Inspection and Maintenance

    Regular inspection and maintenance are useless if they aren’t done thoroughly. If you’re doing it by yourself, make sure that you are strict. If possible, make a checklist of what things you need to go through and see to it that they are in excellent condition.

    Applying Lubrication

    Homeowners in Orleans and even those that live near the area are very prone to forgetting to lubricate their garage doors. With the improvements in technology and machinery, lubrication has become more difficult as it requires precision to apply because of all the installed devices and automatic controlled systems inside the garage door. Applying lubrication helps when wintertime comes as materials inside the garage door are very prone to freezing as well. However, you should take note that over-application may cause more damage, so be mindful of that and seek guidance if you don’t have enough knowledge of how much to apply.

    Upgrade or Renovate Your Garage Door

    Ontario has so many garage door service providers that finding one to use for renovation is a breeze. That said, you may take the opportunity to either upgrade or replace your existing garage door. Not only that, it will ensure 100% safety when the wintertime comes, but you will also be enjoying the latest perks of technology that comes installed with them.


    Weather conditions range in different intensity and garage doors are very vulnerable in any of them because of their location. The impacts mentioned above are only several of the others that require attention. However, with enough understanding and equipment on hand, you can reduce costs and possible maintenance once the wintertime is over. Remember that if things went south and you don’t know what to do next, a professional garage door service provider is still at your service, one call away if you need them!


    Mark Tremblay

    Mark Tremblay

    After working in the garage door business for over a decade, I came to realize my clients will be best served if they know as much as possible before booking any garage door related service. In this blog I will provide information based on personal experience. Enjoy!

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