Roller Garage Door – Why Do You Need It?

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    Roller Garage Door - Why Do You Need It?

    Roller Garage Door – There are various types of garage doors, and it can be an overwhelming task to choose between all of them.

    The things to consider when choosing what type of garage door to pick are your garage door’s size, and if it will be used exclusively for parking your car or also as storage.

    For this article, the main topic will be the versatile roller garage doors and its advantages.

    1) Durability

    Durable and robust, while still being lightweight– garage doors, made of metals such as aluminium and steel with Colorbond coating.

    In case you do not know, Colorbond is a coated steel that has gained popularity during the past years due to its significant resistance against different weathers, its longevity, and its aesthetic appeal.

    Roller doors are sturdier than your average garage door because they are made with alternate ridges and grooves.

    When paired with high-quality materials, the finished product is ensured to go through repeated operations without any visible signs of being worn, which means that a replacement will not be needed any time soon.

    2) Security

    Because of its sturdy design, you can rest peacefully at night knowing that your house is safe and secure.

    Other than using the key or the electric lock’s code, there is no other way to open a roller garage door, so once it is closed, you and your family are the ones that can open it.

    3) Space

    A roller garage door’s mechanism allows it to open and close vertically over the garage’s entrance, which means that it does not take much space compared to more traditional designs which require your garage’s front to be clear for it to be opened.

    This type of garage door is perfect for small garages because it does not take up space when it is operated, unlike designs such as tilt garage doors.

    4) Can Be Personalized

    Depending on your preference, roller garage doors can be custom-made to match with it!

    Whether it be a timber-finish for your rustic-looking home, or a bold splash of color or a neutral design, roller garage doors can be stylized the way you want it to be.

    5) Automatic

    Last but not the least, roller garage doors’ main selling point is its convenience.

    This type of garage door can be connected to a remote control and operated even if you are not physically in front of it!

    Imagine, you are sitting comfortably on your sofa, watching TV with your kids, then your spouse beeps, signalling their arrival

    imagine yourself not having to get up, and instead uses a remote control to open the garage door.

    So easy and straightforward, right?

    The primary purpose of a garage door are two things: one, to protect whatever is in the garage, and two, for protection against unwanted visitors– Roller garage doors provide both.

    These two factors, paired with a roller garage door’s smooth mechanism that provides quiet and seamless operation– what more could you ask for?

    Get your roller garage door now!

    Other Kinds of Garage Door

    If that was not enough to convince you, then maybe you lean towards different designs.

    Below is a quick introduction to the various types of garage doors in the market today.

    1) Panel Lift Garage Doors

    Panel lifts garage doors are various horizontal panels joined together into a single door, designed to open vertically and slide in parallel to the ceiling, perfect for those who are saving up on space.

    2) Roller Garage Doors

    Made to roll up straight above your garage’s entrance, this kind of garage door provides more headroom than any other type of garage door.

    3) Tilt Garage Doors

    This kind of garage door is a single overhead door that is operated by a hinge

    perfect for homes with limited height.

    Need Repairs?

    Whatever type of garage door you choose, there will always come a time when repairs must be done, and when repairs are to be done, you should always call in the experts

    With branches in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, and Ontario, garagedoorsproontario is always at your service.

    garagedoorsproontario, with years of experience, has gained the trust of many individuals when it comes to their garage door repair needs– be the next one!

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