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    Garage doors come in a variety of options.

    Nevertheless, they all lead pretty simple lives doing the same function over and over.

    All they have to do is open and close properly throughout their lifespan.

    But, as a result of their frequent use and old age, they abruptly falter, working in ways they shouldn’t.

    If you own one which is having faulty operation, tackling repairs alone may be daunting.

    Therefore, if you find yourself in this predicament, the greatest thing you can do is get expert assistance.

    Do you have a sliding garage door that is acting up?

    You probably need a sliding garage door repair to bring your door back to its optimal condition.

    When it comes to comprehensive garage door repair, Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa is the best garage door company.

    Our garage door experts have the expertise, abilities, and tools needed to do the task safely and efficiently.

    Call us to start your quality sliding garage door repair in Ottawa.

    What Are Sliding Garage Doors?

    As the name implies, sliding garage doors are opened and closed by sliding the door horizontally.

    Actually, this garage door is one of the safest and simple choices on the market.

    To keep the door in position, a track is usually used.

    It works by bending to one side of the garage and sitting parallel to the wall.

    This is possible due to the hinged panels attached to the door.

    These panels are connected on the vertical axis of the door.

    This makes the garage door extremely adjustable.

    What Are The Benefits of Professional Sliding Garage Door Repair?

    A garage door is an essential part of your house.

    It not only increases the curb appeal of your home, but it also acts as a vehicle storage area and a home security feature.

    Given this, having one that is in good functioning order is crucial.

    When you notice a problem with the operation of your garage door, it’s critical that you start looking for solutions as soon as possible.

    While you can get the simple components fixed on your own, repairing anything as complex as your sliding garage door is quite dangerous.

    That is why, seeking the help of a professional garage door repair technician is highly recommended.

    Here are some of the benefits of delegating the task to professionals.

    Expertise and Knowledge

    Garage door repair technicians undergo extensive training and are equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge that is essential in completing the job done safely.

    Having said that, they are more than capable of diagnosing the issue and resolving it quickly and effectively.

    Tools and Equipment

    If your garage door requires any kind of repair, you will almost certainly need some specialized tools.

    These tools and equipment are typically highly costly, making them unsuitable for a one-time project.

    But, if you leave the job for the professionals to handle, they will arrive at your home well equipped with all the essential tools and equipment.

    Safety and Security

    Fixing  your garage door on your own may lead to bodily injuries and property damage.

    But with proper expertise and tools of a garage door expert, you can expect a safe and efficient garage door repair.

    Furthermore, garage doors are heavy, thus an accident could result in significant consequences.

    This puts you and your family in danger.

    Professionals, on the other hand, are aware of how to avert such mishaps.

    24/7 service

    Unfortunately, garage door malfunctions in the most inconvenient times.

    That is why predicting when your garage door will require maintenance is impossible.

    If you call a professional for help, you can receive a 24/7 garage door service anywhere you are.

    What Is the Best Sliding Garage Door Repair Company in Ottawa?

    Do not tackle things on your own!

    You can give complicated and dangerous tasks to our professionals.

    Stay safe and leave things to Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa.

    Our technicians, with years of experience under their belts, deliver garage door repair that is safe and reliable.

    Whether you need emergency repair or routine maintenance, our team of experts will come to you whenever it’s convenient for you.

    We ensure that you will receive the highest possible quality of services.

    Make an appointment with us and start your sliding garage door repair in Ottawa.

    A garage door is a very convenient component of every garage as its objective is to secure all the stuff and vehicles inside your property.

    However, if a garage door malfunctions, it might cause you a lot of trouble, and burglars can compromise your security.

    To avoid this kind of situation, you should call a professional garage door technician the very first time you notice an indicator that your door will eventually become faulty.

    At Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa, we will not let any outsider compromise your property by entering a faulty garage door.

    Our certified garage door technicians will fix your malfunctioning garage door, and we will enhance it to become more secure.

    So, if you need such help with your garage door, kindly keep in touch with us.

    We are open from Monday to Friday, including Saturday and Sunday.

    Set your next appointment with us now!

    Signs That Your Sliding Garage Door Needs Repair

    Many things could be the reason for having a faulty garage door.

    When a garage door stops working, it will cause the property owner a lot of stress and headaches because of the inconvenience.

    If you have a malfunctioning garage door, your everyday schedule will be affected, especially if you take your car out from the garage.

    Many of you from your family rely on your garage to store stuff and your car as a property owner.

    So, if this unnecessary incident happens, it will negatively affect the work and activities you’re planning for your everyday routine.

    We’ve arranged some indications for a malfunctioning garage door in this section.

    Below are the signs where you need to call a garage door technician for immediate repair.

    Sliding Door Won’t Complete Open.

    The property owner This problem might sound easy because you think you can actually use the manual to open your garage door.

    Well, a faulty garage door that won’t open completely can cause a lot of trouble to you.

    If you can’t find the culprit immediately, this issue might lead to some bigger one.

    Additionally, some problems regarding this matter are so severe that even manual opening is not working.

    Consider calling a garage door technician right away if this is the case.

    Here are some of the potential culprits of this problem.

    • The power source is out.
    • Something is obstructing the pathway of the door.
    • A broken garage door extension and springs.
    • The garage door is off track.
    • The remote needs a new pair of batteries.
    • There’s a blockage along with the door.
    • The wires have been loose or snapped.
    • There’s something wrong with the critical settings, such as limit setting.

    The Sliding Door Is Too Heavy When Trying To Elevate It.

    If the problem lies with the garage door opener, it’s normal to try opening it manually.

    However, there are occasions when a garage door won’t open manually due to some more complicated problems.

    If you notice that the garage door suddenly becomes heavy, stay out of it as it’s too dangerous.

    This type of problem is very dangerous since the spring might be broken and the door could collapse at any time.

    So, if you’re in this kind of situation, don’t try to open it and call for a professional garage door technician.

    That’s because you might put your life at risk, so don’t do it independently.

    An expert technician will examine the situation and check if you need to replace your springs.

    However, this kind of problem might be a little costly since you need to buy a new pair of springs for your garage door.

    Once the technician restores the top condition of your garage door, you can now use it again safely.


    Having a malfunctioning garage door is very stressful, especially if you have important things to attend to.

    That’s why it’s essential to do annual maintenance to your garage door and parts.

    In this way, you can adequately use your garage door without having a problem.

    If you need help with your sliding garage door, feel free to contact us.

    At Garage Door Repair Pros Ottawa, we have a team of highly-skilled technicians that will fix your garage door quickly and correctly.

    You can call us any time of the day as we are always available.

    Set your next appointment with us now!


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