Storm Proof your Garage Doors

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    Storm Proof your Garage Doors

    Storm Proof your Garage Doors – The storm is something we cannot stop from happening.

    It is inevitable; it will happen anytime and anywhere. So it would be better if we were ready when it suddenly came.

    We know when there is a storm, belongings are at risk of being affected and damaged, one of this is our garage door.

    The garage door is one of the vulnerable parts of our home that is most likely to be affected during a hurricane.

    So, we believe that this is the right time to educate homeowners on how to shield their garage door during big storms.

    Strong winds easily damage the garage door as two-door tracks only support it.

    For homeowners living in the hurricane-prone area, there are two options to protect your garage door from the strong winds brought by the storm.

    It is either to buy a new one or to reinforce your old garage door.

    Check you local codes

    Before you decide whether to purchase a new storm-proof garage door to reinforce the existing one, you need first to check your building code to know if you are in a hurricane-prone area.

    The garage door system will be up to code to get to the hurricane-prone area code if it meets the requirements.

    When reinforcing an existing garage door with new hardware, there is a possibility that it may not provide the structural support needed for the new building code.

    It is okay to consult and seek advice from a professional worker to find out if it is the problem or not.

    The garage door system needs to be able to resist wind at a speed of 150 mph.

    Reinforcing an Existing Garage Door

    The cheapest way to secure your garage door is to strengthen it with braces; there are kits available to protect your garage door and prevent damage.

    You can also make your kits by refining the garage with 2×4’s.

    Reinforcement kits usually have bracing systems installed inside the garage door while the other kind of equipment is installed vertically on the upper part of the door.

    Ensure that the track of your garage door is at least 14-gauge.

    Check the marking on the track and make sure the screws are in the correct screw locations.

    Also, make sure to replace damaged or loose screws with a longer one; to avoid such injuries or accidents.

    The braces attached to the garage door also protect the door to prevent external and internal pressure of the storm.

    Metal reinforcement braces can usually be delivered to you or can be picked up.

    Besides, If you have already decided to reinforce the existing door, you will need a professional to install new hardware, springs and tracks.

    If you are interested, contact us now! We provide garage door products and services.

    Purchasing new storm-proof garage door

    Reinforcing garage doors is a bit of a hassle because you still have a lot of things to consider, such as the kit and the local.

    You also need to pass the requirements.

    You need the hurricane-proof door as soon as possible, but the reinforcement process is a bit longer?

    If this is the case, we suggest you buy a new garage door that is hurricane-ready and code compliant.

    The price of a hurricane-proof garage door depends on its size and wind-load capability.

    This system might run anywhere from $700 to $900 while the double door costs $1,200.

    Hurricane-proof garage doors have an extra-strong steel system and twist-resistant framework.

    There are two ways to find out if your garage door is hurricane-ready.

    One way is to install the brace before the storm arrives, and the second way is to invest in the storm-ready garage word.

    It is always a good idea to purchase a new hurricane-ready garage door than to reinforce the existing one.

    Buying a new one won’t probably make you stress and frustrated, it is hassle-free.

    And most of all if you decide to buy a new product, you can be sure that it is safe to use, and won’t cause any harm to you and your family.

    Storm Proof your Garage Doors – Protecting You and Your Family

    If you’re thinking of having a garage door modernization, and you are currently living at Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean and Vanier we have many offers for you.

    If you have any questions, please contact us!

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