Typical Garage Door Repairs

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    Typical Garage Door Repairs

    Typical Garage Door Repairs, A garage door, when in its best condition, can be reliable and convenient.

    However, it sure is a big problem when your garage door starts malfunctioning.

    Here are five common garage door problems and repairs.

    Noisy garage doors

    Noisy and loud garage doors are among the most typical problems homeowners face.

    So if your garage door is making loud grating sounds, don’t worry because you can usually solve this by applying lube to the moving parts such as the hinges, brackets, and springs.

    Applying lubricant regularly can keep your garage door working smoothly for years.

    However, if applying lubricant on the moving parts of your garage work doesn’t work, you can call a professional technician to look at your garage door condition.

    Lubricants cost around C$16, whereas having someone to look at your garage door ranges from C$99 to C$112.

    Non-responsive remote control

    If your garage door is not working, it may be because of just poor reception.

    This is a rather easy garage door issue to repair. For starters, you can try replacing batteries.

    However, if your garage door is still not responding to the remote control commands, there may be a problem with the device’s programming.

    Other times you may be required to purchase a new remote control.

    For a new garage door remote control, the price ranges from C$ 40 to C$ 60.

    Typical Garage Door Repairs – Frayed and snapped cables

    The cables are mounted to the bracket of the garage door.

    They are also coiled around the cable drum with the torsion springs.

    As for garage doors that have extensions springs, the cables attached to the bottom bracket, are placed over the pulley.

    The cables are primarily responsible for keeping the garage door intact and preventing it from accidentally flying across your garage if the torsion and extension springs break.

    They also help in lifting the door when it opens.

    If your garage door cables snapped, make sure that you call a professional technician instead of fixing it on your own.

    If the wires are not repaired accordingly, it could lead to more accidents and injuries.

    As for the costs, getting new cables installed by a garage door expert can cost you around C $ 119 to C $ 152.

    Malfunctioning garage door safety sensors

    Typical Garage Door Repairs could be the indicator light of your garage door safety sensors or photo-eye can tell you whether or nor there is an issue.

    Typically, if the indicator light flashes, there is a problem that needs to be looked at.

    Common issues that the sensors may have detected include that the photo-eye is not well-adjusted.

    If such were the case, the garage door would not function properly.

    Other visual obstructions such as dirt, cobwebs, dust, leaves may also be detected.

    Wipe the photo-eye thoroughly with a clean cloth.

    Broken Springs

    Broken springs are standard garage door issues.

    Torsion and extension springs are under extreme amounts of pressure, especially since they are responsible for lifting the garage door open.

    Fixing this requires ample skill in garage door mechanics, so it is recommended that you leave this job with the professionals.

    It might lead to severe injuries if you try fixing torsion springs on your own.

    Besides, repairing broken torsion springs requires a unique set of tools exclusive for garage doors.

    Usually, garage door springs can last up to 10,000 cycles only, or approximately three to five years.

    Installation of new torsion springs by a garage door professional technician ranges from C $ 185 to C $ 205, while extension springs can cost anywhere from C $ 291 to C $ 317.

    If you encounter any of the issues mentioned above, you should call a professional technician to take a look and make repairs on your garage door.

    Since garage door experts are more equipped and skilled in handling mechanical issues concerning garage doors, you can rest assured that they will be able to fix your garage door and have them working in no time.

    If you live anywhere in Ottawa, such as Orléans, Kanata, or Ontario, there are many well-esteemed and reliable garage door repair companies.

    You can consult neighbors and trusted friends and family members for recommendations.

    Make sure you also look up these garage door repair companies on the internet.

    Sites such as Google, Bing, or Yelp have feedback and reviews from previous customers and homeowners who contracted services of various garage door repair companies.

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