Warehouse Garage Door Openers Repair

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    Warehouse Garage Door Openers Repair

    Warehouse garage door openers are different from the common garage door openers you use in your residential homes.

    They are made much more heavy-duty and stronger to help lift your heavy warehouse garage doors with ease.

    This much is needed to open your warehouse garage doors.

    After all, for your warehouses, you need big heavy doors to keep your assets protected and belongings protected.

    Speaking of openers, there are multiple kinds of garage door openers, and operating them might be a bit different depending on the opener you are going for.

    However, as we all know, there will come a time where our garage doors will eventually need repair services, and this does not exempt your warehouse garage door openers.

    No matter how sturdy they were made to be, they will eventually break down on you.

    When something like this happens and your warehouse garage door openers really break down, it can really be very troublesome especially if you are using your warehouses for your businesses.

    Fortunately for you, in this article, we will be tackling where you can get warehouse garage door openers repair services and everything else you need to know about them.

    Warehouse Garage Doors

    Warehouse garage doors, as the name suggests, are what you would commonly know as commercial garage doors.

    These doors are being used mostly for warehouses, storage houses, and etc.

    They also come in different types and styles depending on your personal preference and usage.

    This being said, there are actually four warehouse garage door types available in the market.

    These warehouse garage doors are as follows:

    • Fire Rated Doors
    • Roll-up Doors
    • Overhead Doors
    • Scissor Gates

    There are even others that are less common but nonetheless still exist.

    Depending on the area, usage, purpose, and function, you may end up deciding on choosing one or the other.

    Each of these options has its own benefits and advantages when compared to the other types so make sure to assess carefully what you need exactly in a garage door.

    However, of all these different options, fire-rated garage doors are the most popular choice.

    Warehouse Garage Door Openers

    Before anything else, let us begin with knowing what exactly warehouse garage door openers are.

    So, warehouse garage door openers are mechanisms that help lift your garage doors open and close.

    Without them, you would have to open your heavy overhead garage doors manually.

    They differ a lot from those openers being used for residential purposes.

    They can carry much more weight and are a lot stronger and durable than their residential counterparts.

    Speaking of garage door openers, there are three types of garage door openers that are available in the market – these are hoist operators, trolley operators, and jackshaft operators.

    Each option has its own unique qualities and advantages over other competition.

    Hoist operators are warehouse garage door openers generally used for rolling doors and sectional doors with a high lift.

    This is best for garage doors that are generally tall in vertical height. It includes a chain hoist which functions as a back-up method of opening your warehouse garage doors in case there is a power shortage near your area.

    Trolley operators, on the other hand, are used for sectional garage doors that look a lot like most residential garage doors with rails mounted parallel to your warehouse’s ceiling.

    They use either a chain or a belt to pull the door up and open it completely.

    Lastly, jackshaft operators are the most popular option being used for almost any warehouse garage doors and now even some residential garage doors use them as well.

    They simply function like direct-drive openers and open the doors by having the motors connected directly to the torsion rod, opening and closing the garage door that way.

    Whatever option you may end up choosing, all of these functions the way you want them to be.

    I guess the main selling point here is whether which of these openers you personally want for your warehouse garage doors and which of these are within your budget.

    Otherwise, all three are great options.

    Choosing Garage Door Repair Pros

    When your warehouse garage door openers break down on you, there really is no easy way to have it fixed.

    Most especially if the damage involves the circuitry and the innards of your opener.

    If you are unsure about why your warehouse garage doors are functioning that way or if there is anything unusual about them, then it is best you consult with your local garage door repair company.

    For warehouse garage door openers repair services in Ottawa, you can always depend on Garage Door Repair Pros.

    Garage Door Repair Pros is a repair company in Ottawa that specializes in catering to garage door related needs and services such as garage door installation, repair, and maintenance.

    Whatever may be going on with your garage door, we can surely have it fixed for you.

    And naturally, since your openers are components of your warehouse garage door, we can also deal with them accordingly and fix whatever’s wrong with them.

    We are available to provide emergency garage door services 24/7, so do not hesitate to reach out to us whenever you need our services.

    You deserve the best services for your garage door needs.

    And Garage Door Repair Pros is the best you can get.

    Contact us at (613) 909-8982 to know more about our various services and affordable rates.

    Who knows, you might even like what you’ll hear.

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