What Is A Smart Garage door?

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    Smart Garage door

    Let’s talk about A Smart Garage door – technology is continually evolving, and there is no stopping it, and now, the convenience has finally come upon garage doors.

    Smart garage doors are those that can be controlled and commanded using your smartphone!

    Read on to find out how it works, and how you can use it too to enjoy the convenience of total control without you being physically there.

    Although it may look, feel, and sound complicated, it is pretty simple– everything is done using your smartphone.

    No matter where you are, you can remotely control your garage door using your mobile device.

    Smart Garage Door: How To Use

    Your main link to your garage door is through the smart garage door opener

    it is where your mobile phone sends its instructions, and basically where all the magic happens.

    From your mobile phone, the signal will be sent primarily through a Wi-Fi connection, so a stable connection in your home is a must.

    Reasons Why You Should Get A Smart Garage Door

    1) Peace

    One of the main selling points of a smart garage door is the peace and comfort it provides because you will no longer have to worry.

    Whether you have closed the garage door while you are away from your house because you can close it wherever you are in the world!

    2) Convenience

    One of the things people look for today is comfort and ease, which a smart garage door proudly provides!

    Without breaking a sweat, you can open your garage door as you come to your house, without even going out of your car.

    Most smart garage doors can be connected to your mobile phone’s GPS services, which can tell your door to open automatically as you arrive home– now that is cool!

    3) Security

    As one of your house’s main entry points, your garage is a major security threat, which is something smart garage door manufacturers paid close attention to.

    Smart garage doors are often paired with security features such as night vision security cameras and notifications for unusual garage door entries.

    4) Audio Control

    Not only do smart garage doors have cameras, but they also come with audio and speaker capabilities.

    You can and hear anyone who comes in through the garage, and you can talk to them as well.

    This feature is especially helpful if you have repairs to be made in the garage while you are away, and directions need to be given.

    5) Parking With Lasers

    If parking correctly has been a repeated struggle for you, getting a smart garage door will be the best decision you have made this year because most manufacturers include a laser guiding system feature that will help you park.

    These lasers will automatically activate once it senses your car as it goes in the garage, so worry less and park with ease and confidence!

    6) Toxic Gas Alerts

    Many accidents happen because of carbon monoxide buildup to dangerous levels, which can potentially lead to various bad scenarios.

    Smart garage doors often include carbon monoxide sensors and smoke detectors which will send alerts to your smartphone if levels are too high.

    Furthermore, you can also open the garage door wherever you are to let out the fumes.

    7) Monitor Temperature Levels

    Best for those who keep temperature-sensitive stuff in their garage, smart garage doors can monitor temperature levels and send updates directly to your phone.

    8) Ease of Access

    If you have unexpected guests, you do not have to worry about them parking illegally on the road, because all you have to do is open your garage door with your mobile phone and have them park in your garage instead.

    Wherever you are, you always have full control.

    9) Operating Schedule

    This is a helpful feature for those who have people who come to their house at a fixed time daily– you can schedule when your garage door will open or close.

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