Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

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    Why Do Garage Door Springs Break

    Why Do Garage Door Springs Break – Garage door springs practically carry the entirety of the difficult work with regards to the opening and closing of a garage door.

    It neutralizes the pull of gravity, making the door light enough that it can be lifted or lowered smoothly.

    When a garage door suddenly malfunctions and does not open or close, it is usually because the spring is already broken.

    There are two types of spring used for garage doors installed for homes:

    Extension Springs

    Extension springs are usually attached atop garage doors.

    Most of the time, it is installed vertically, stretching from one end of the door to another.

    It is responsible for raising garage doors from the floor and lowering it back by exerting sufficient force to counter the effect of gravity on the door.

    Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs operate to equally distribute the amount of pressure the door undergoes when it is being opened or closed.

    Contingent upon the door’s size, its framework utilizes a couple of firmly coiled springs situated inside a steel tube affixed above the door or at the rear of a garage.

    Any homeowner must gain background knowledge about the significance of a spring system’s purpose on garage doors.

    Regardless of the kind of spring utilized, it does most of the hard work whenever you use your door, and despite being built to withstand a certain degree of pressure, it is still susceptible to damage over time.

    Here are several factors that can pose a threat to garage door springs:

    Accumulation of rust on the garage door spring

    Springs are inherently made from metal, making it sensitive to liquids.

    This means that, even a small leak that has continuously been dripping directly on the spring, can be detrimental to its overall condition.

    Rust formation is one of the many disadvantageous outcomes of this circumstance.

    If it is not immediately addressed, it weakens the coils, resulting in the spring breaking apart.

    Areas on the spring affected by severe rusting suffer unnecessary additional friction, diminishing the efficiency of its motion.

    It is advisable to check the garage door’s vicinity for damages where moisture can accumulate or apply weatherstrips to prevent water from seeping through the wall’s crevices.

    Lack of lubrication

    Having a durable and working garage door is something that every homeowner desires to have.

    However, achieving this is not a walk in the park because it requires effort and accountability to properly maintain its good condition.

    Squeaky and clanging sounds are indicators that the springs need to be lubricated.

    This process should be done at least once or twice a year; petroleum-based oil is preferably good.

    Spray or thoroughly apply the lubricant over the coils and wipe away any leftover with the help of a cloth.

    Hiring individuals who are deemed to be professionals in this field is also an option for any homeowner who does not want to do this task by themselves.

    Deteriorating garage door springs

    Garages are one of the frequently utilized entryways in a home.

    A garage door undergoes more than one cycle of use each day.

    A cycle is equivalent to one closing and opening of a garage door, carefully installed garage door springs are expected to complete 10,000 cycles before it begins to wear out.

    Most of the time, garage doors are closed, and springs experience more pressure when the door is lowered, this buildup of tension is only released when it is opened or lifted.

    Constant usage and lack of proper maintenance will inevitably cause wear and tear on the components of a garage door.

    Garage door springs are responsible for balancing out the door’s weight, thus experiencing more considerable strain than the other parts of the door.

    Damaged gears that are already in a terrible condition should be repaired and replaced with new parts to avoid accidents from happening.

    It is impossible to fully fortify a garage door spring due to a variety of existing factors that can cause breakage towards it.

    However, as a homeowner, you must not endure major inconveniences just because it cannot be avoided.

    Finding garage door repair services is highly accessible in places like Ottawa, Orleans, Ontario, and Kanata.

    Make sure to look out for indicators of damage on garage door springs and immediately resolve the problem with the help of professionals.

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