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Energy-Efficient Garage Door – Things You Should Know

Let’s talk about Energy-Efficient Garage Door – Insulations are usually deemed significant in achieving a comfortable home.

It gives protection to areas against heat transfer.

This feature is necessary for garages to have, especially the fact that it is a congested area.

Thus, temperature regulation must be ensured.

Insulated garage doors improve the entire house’s energy efficiency, which is why it is highly recommended to install this type of door.

Homeowners should be concerned about energy-efficiency

The garage is known to share an adjacent wall with one or more walls inside the house.

Heat transfer is prevalent because the temperature difference between these areas is drastic.

The fact that the garage is remote from the primary house makes its temperature warmer.

Solving this dramatic heat transfer is impossible without adequate insulation.

Energy-efficient doors are insulated, making it popular with homeowners.

Insulated energy-efficient garage doors promote temperature maintenance.

Summer heat terribly affects garages

Besides extreme heat transfer and the icky humidity, excessive heat promotes danger.

If the garage is too hot, the garage itself and the electric components inside are prone to electrical tendencies.

It could also damage the car batteries that might lead to fire, especially if exposed to chemicals and flammable objects.

Furthermore, it would decrease the lifespan of the garage door, resulting in seeking for repairs.

If this happens, make sure to contact garage door repair specialists for assistance.

Meanwhile, the opposite of heat also influences unlikely circumstances in garages without installing an insulated energy-efficient door.

During winter, the garage’s temperature can drop off to as little as 10 degrees.

This cold temperature can damage the garage door’s springs and the applied lubricants.

Without any lubrication, the parts would most likely not function well.

Another effect of the cold season to garages is the ice that causes water damage.

Ice buildup would also freeze shut it, leaving the car stuck inside.

With all that, should you consider installing an energy-efficient garage door?

Yes! Here are the reasons why:

  • It increases temperature by 12 degrees and enhanced regulation in connecting areas/rooms
  • Heating and cooling-related energy consumption will be decreased for one year estimated.
  • Temperature-related wear and tear on vehicles parked inside will be reduced.

Aside from temperature-related benefits, installing an insulated energy-efficient garage door brings more advantages to enjoy.

Here are some of it:

It promotes cost-cutting

Investing in this type always yields a higher return than the non-insulated and non-energy-efficient counterparts.

Interestingly, its installation increases an average home’s appraisal value by at least five percent if planning to resell.

Moreover, the electric bill will not dramatically rise.

For example, air conditioners will be used less because of the considerable temperature provided by insulation effects.

In fact, according to Energy Star, the annual energy can be lowered by up to 15 percent.

It reduces noise

It must be frustrating to hear annoying sounds from the garage, especially if it is close to the bedrooms.

With an insulated energy-efficient door, these unnecessary noises will help in regulating it along with wall insulation.

For better, it can be upgraded to ultimate soundproofing.

It is durable and long-lasting.

This type of door is far more durable and long-lasting than its non-insulated counterparts.

This is because it contains a layer of core insulation that is sandwiched between single or dual panels.

With multiple layers of material, denting, and affectation to external factors will be lessened.

Thus, it will improve the lifespan of the door. Interestingly, it also improves the efficiency of car batteries, increasing its lifespan.

It gives protection against the elements

Homeowners sure want a safe house.

Worry not, this door type can protect the garage from nature-related external factors.

Its excellent structural strength will provide further protection from extreme climate and wind damage.

Insulated garage doors have greater structural strength than the uninsulated ones, providing extra protection from extreme weather and wind damage.

It provides a comfortable working space for DIY projects

On a personal note, another benefit of it is its comfort.

The garage will not be a mere parking space and tools storage but will also create a space for working.

Adults can work on DIY projects and repair objects.

Even kids can use this space for their artistic attempts and other projects.

There would be times that temperature inclinations would lead to garage door disruptions.

If seeking for repairs or if insulated energy-efficient garage doors interest you, there are available garage door services in Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, and Ontario.

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