Have a walk through Hillhurst Sunnyside, view the garage door art

One of the garage door artworks popping up in the northwest Calgary community of Sunnyside. COURTESY CHRISTIE PAGE

An art gallery of sorts is popping up in a northwest Calgary community, but on the most unlikely of canvasses.

While a few artistic area residents have taken it upon themselves in the past to exercise their creativity on their garage doors, recently it’s increased in frequency to the point where one Hillhurst Sunnyside resident wants it ensconced in her community.

Stay-at-home mom Christie Page moved to Sunnyside about seven years ago and at that time there were already three garage doors and the rainbow house that had been painted, apparently originally done in the 1990s.

“I really wanted to do it on our house, but was nervous, didn’t know what the neighbours would think… and I didn’t do anything,” Page said.

Then, a nearby house went up for sale, was sold shortly after and within a month of the new people moving in, they had painted their garage door, Page said.

“They didn’t ask anyone, they just went and did it,” Page recalled.

“And I said, ‘yes, these are our kind of people.’”

A week later, her garage door was done.

Another garage door (the dog door) was painted two years later. Then, the nearby Eden Project had people come in and create art on the walls on their property. And, finally Page said a nearby neighbour got a brand new, “shiny” garage door and didn’t want to paint it, but instead had their 13-year-old…

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