Hide That Clicker: Police remind residents to hide garage door openers

Gendarmes in the Oakville area are sounding the alarm to residents about garage door openers after a theft.

Ne’er-do-wells gained access to a home in that part of the province after entering an unlocked vehicle and, while they didn’t steal anything from the car, they did find a garage door opener. The supposed middle-of-night robbers took the opportunity, using the electronic device to let themselves into a residential garage. Once inside, they allegedly made off with an acoustic guitar and a bottle of liquor. Total losses are pegged at about $200.

Heady stuff.

Jokes about petty theft aside, crime is no laughing matter (I just sounded like a wizened old teacher from my high school then; sorry, Mr. Warr). Cops are exhorting that homeowners in the area should take their garage door openers inside the house with them when they leave their cars for the night.

Of course, this advice doesn’t help the millions of Canadians who…

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