Homeowners Reminded To Protect Their Homes When Out Of Town

With the summer season in effect and many homeowners taking off to the cabin or heading out of town on vacation SGI is reminding residents to protect their homes from break-ins and theft.

Homeowners can take preventative measures to deter thieves from finding the vulnerabilities in your home.

You can secure the premises by doing the following: 

o Close blinds and curtains.

o Lock doors and windows, including your garage door.

o Install a home security system, and/or invest in security cameras, including a doorbell camera.

o Never leave your spare key in an obvious place, like under your welcome mat or in your mailbox.

o Don’t leave a garage door opener in a vehicle parked outside your home.

Making your home look occupied is another helpful hint which can be done in the following ways:

o Use timers to maintain normal lighting patterns.

o Install sensor lights around your home.

o Cancel all deliveries when you’re away.

o Leave a radio on.

Asking a trusted friend to mow the lawn, roll out the bin on garbage day and collect the mail is also helpful.

In these times of social media, residents are also reminded not to tip off thieves with vacation selfies. 

Homeowners should keep an inventory of the valuables within their homes. Take photos or videos of important possessions, and keep jewelry, cash, and other high-value items in a safety deposit box or hidden in an unlikely place while away.

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