How to paint a garage door: metal, steel, fiberglass or for a wood effect

The garage door is a major feature of the front of your home. Discover how to paint a garage door and you can transform the exterior of the house, giving it the curb appeal you’ll enjoy and which will attract buyers when the time comes to sell.

Whether your garage door is made from metal, steel, fiberglass or wood, you can paint it to refresh its appearance as well as help maintain the door in good condition. It’s a job you can do yourself with our guide, but if you prefer to call on a contractor to paint the garage door for you, we’ve got the details on what you can expect to pay.

If you like the idea of transforming your garage into extra interior space for your home, head on over to our garage conversion ideas for plenty of inspiration. And if you’re eager to paint your garage door, just scroll down and follow these easy steps, plus find out everything else you need to know about this home improvement project.

A garage door is sizeable enough to make a major impact on the appearance of a home. And while the interior might be used for your vehicles, as a workshop, for storage or, in some garage conversions, simply be left as part of the facade, because of its dimensions, sprucing up the door by painting it is worth spending a little time and money on.

Georgian white steel panel side-hinged garage door from Garador

(Image credit: Garador)

What kind of paint do you use on a garage door?

Which paint you should use to paint a garage door depends on what the door is made…

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