Left Field Brewery called ‘very bad neighbours’

Since April, Mandie and Mark Murphy have been selling craft beer from their tiny Leslieville brewery. Flanked by old brick warehouses on a narrow laneway, the Left Field Brewery has become something of a community hub, with locals buying bottles and sipping suds from noon to 9 p.m. But for a handful of neighbors whose backyards face the laneway, the sounds of chatter and laughter wafting from the brewery’s open garage door are proving too much to bear.

“We were delighted when we found out that they were coming into our back lane,” says Amélie Waddell, whose leafy backyard sits directly opposite the brewery. “It never occurred to me that noise was going to be an issue.”

Waddell, currently spending her days at home with her 6-month-old baby, says she didn’t expect to overhear a cacophony of conversations every weekend.

“The problem is the garage door that they keep open,” she says. “They’re being very bad neighbours.”

Waddell and several other Ivy Ave. residents have taken their complaints about noise and increased traffic directly to the brewery. They say that not enough has been done to reduce weekend noise.

Councillor (Ward 30, Danforth)Paula Fletcher (open Paula Fletcher’s policard) (Ward 30, Danforth) is trying to resolve the problem, having introduced a council motion to have the city’s legal services, economic development and culture, and municipal and licensing standards divisions work with the brewery and neighbours to remedy the noise…

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