Letters to the Editor: Thursday, July 22, 2021 | Opinion

Make Penticton safe again

Dear Editor:

In the past several years, we’ve seen a very noticeable increase in our crime rate, in fact, ever since the Okanagan Correctional Centre was opened.

Our RCMP have not had additional officers for about 20 years — and it’s definitely needed here. In fact, our Fairway Village community has prowlers and attempted break-ins nearly every week.

Just recently, a garage door was pried open and a motorcycle stolen that wasn’t even one-month old. The RCMP have told us we’re not the only ones experiencing these crimes — it’s happening all over,

I have heard that the Oliver prison has an agreement with the Town of Oliver to not release prisoners in Oliver.

Instead, they bus them to Penticton and drop them off at the parking lot across from the SOEC. If that is indeed the case, it’s totally unfair to the citizens of Penticton.

There’s no Greyhound service now, so we end up stuck with these people.

We definitely need help at the municipal, provincial and federal level so that Penticton can once again be a safe place to live!

Jean O’Fallon


Won’t vaccinate, then buy a pet frog

Dear Editor:

Those not vaccinating should be given a miniature pet frog which truly knows how to croak.

Joe Schwarz


Won’t celebrate bike lane grand opening

Dear Editor:

I opine that residents and businesses have…

Read more…

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