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Remember the days as a child when you discovered the automatic garage door opener? The thrill of opening and closing the garage never ceased—that is, until you got in trouble. Take that thrill and put it into a pool cover. With the press of a button, your pool cover automatically rolls back, revealing a summer playground for kids and kids at heart.

Pool Patrol wants everyone to enjoy their backyard pool to the fullest.

It started from where most things start—from a problem. More than 20 years ago, founder Allan Horwood was servicing a pool when the cover broke. With no service team in the area, Horwood went to the manufacturer, and after a bit of “wow” he negotiated the rights to the cover and Pool Patrol started its path to become B.C.’s automatic pool cover specialists.

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“When your retractable pool cover breaks down, you’ve got an open pool. You’ve got no safety. You’re used to having that child-proof swimming pool cover on. You’ve got the little ones. It’s really important,” Horwood shares. Recognizing the urgency is why Pool Patrol has mandated that it gets there quickly. With prompt service and a local team of experts, Pool Patrol can ensure that you get back to enjoying your pool, rather than worrying about it.

“Go ahead, walk on it!” Horwood challenges. “Our pool covers are top quality and made to withstand a significant amount of weight.” This feature is another way that Pool Patrol is…

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