Regina woman pleading for return of stolen mobility bike

A Regina woman is hoping the public can help her recover her mobility bike which she said was stolen from her garage in the 1400 block of Queen St. on Thursday morning.

Rosie Finch thought she closed her garage door when she briefly left, but when she returned home, it was wide open.

“Right away I looked where [the bike] was supposed to be sitting, and then I went into panic mode,” she said. She believes her garage door sensors opened the door before it was fully able to close.

“I can’t think of the words for how I felt and how I still feel. I feel low,” she said.

Her ICE Adventure Recumbent Trike improves her quality of life. She uses it to get around the grocery store, to visit the hospital and to go for trips around the neighbourhood.

“It’s my freedom and joy because I have walking and mobility issues,” Finch said.

The bike has custom features to fit her unique health needs, making it one of a kind and difficult to replace.

She said insurance would cover some of the cost of a replacement, but she would still have to pay some out of pocket.

Finch said she has filed a police report. She is hoping that whoever stole the bike will return it – no questions asked.

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