Samsung SmartThings pairs with The Genie Company and Aladdin Connect garage doors

The Genie Company delivers Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers and retrofit kits to the public. Samsung has a smart home system called Samsung SmartThings. Today, the two companies announced that Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers and retrofit kids are now “Works with SmartThings” certified. This means that your Samsung SmartThings app can open your garage door – or your connected SmartThings devices of all sorts could, potentially, make your garage door open when you flip the right set of switches.

If you have an Aladdin Connect smart garage door opener or retrofit kit, you might already have some SmartThings connection action ready and waiting for you. This partnership brings a collection of features to the smart garage door system, including “Simplified Home Control”, “Enhanced Safety,” “Geofencing,” and “Multi-Platform Voice Control.”

Connecting your Aladdin gear with Samsung’s SmartThings system allows connections to a wide variety of compatible devices. For the “Enhanced Safety” bit, Samsung suggests that users could connect their garage door to their smoke detector. If dangerous levels of smoke or CO levels are detected, the smart smoke detector could send an alert, and SmartThings would activate the garage door, allowing the CO to disperse, or the smoke to billow out.

With Geofencing, the user could geo-tag devices to allow automatic entry. The user could…

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